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How to fix a bent derailleur hanger: Pro tips with or without an alignment tool

A derailleur hanger (or mech hanger) is not a part most people are aware of, but the sacrificial mount for the rear derailleur can cause shifting to go completely wrong if even a little bent out of alignment.

Follow our guide to see how to fix a derailleur hanger with or without a special alignment tool.

If you’re in the market for a tool, you can buy a LifeLine hanger alignment tool here for £45: https://fave.co/3hJkTwq

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  1. I found the video very helpful, thanks a bunch. Got to say, the music was oddly unsettling.

  2. Very well explained, clear, perfect pace and like the "on the road" options.

  3. great way to explain this. thank you

  4. Thank you , helped me a lot ❤

  5. Thank you Mr. Shapovalov.

  6. Thought it was supposed to be Without alignment tool.

  7. Does this work with steel frames?

  8. Question. If i install a new hanger, do i also need to use an alignment tool? That’s what some guys said at a bike forum. I thought with a new hanger, i just simply need to screw the hanger in and that’s it.

  9. My drive train is clicking my crank and BB are new could this be the cause?
    Why can't you just use the valve stem as reference point to negate the wheel being off?

  10. Clear and precise. Thanks! Could you say the make and model of the tool you used?

  11. Great vid thx. What is the wall mounted bike stand you use please?

  12. Thank you so much for this

  13. A video that saved me a lot of headaches

  14. I walked into the bikeshop with my bike and said my gears are kinda funky because I had a little crash. Without even looking at the bike I was told my derailleur hanger was bent and that they only had Trek parts and to get another one from my bike manufacturer. I actually get this kind of service a lot from different bikeshops. It feels like they would rather my bike have problems that cost more or that I get a new bike. Then I asked "what if we could just bend it back to life?" They showed me the door.

  15. Thanks for a very clear and practical description of how to fix the rear deraillieur gear. I looked at some other videos and they rush through so fast you can't follow what is going on and so you get full marks from me.

  16. This method assumes the wheel is mounted absolutely straight into the frame. Because that becomes your reference. What is the best method to do just that? (for non-through-axle)

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