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9 Hack Squat Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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  1. Amazing information, thank you!

  2. Working my way back through some of the content, coming across Dr. Mike with these glorious chops made my day.

  3. İ wish i saw this video before i hurt my knee

  4. Thanks for this vid. You've gained a new subscriber! You went into great detail with the hack squat, and I'm really looking forward to doing them tomorrow! 👍

  5. Mike please don't EVER grow a beard again….

  6. I tried that hack squat for the first time last week. I tried to follow your tips but i noticed my lower back hurting whenever id go "low". I must be doing something wrong

  7. What about Tom platz style ?

  8. I do leg press and some tips he mentioned here work well

  9. Johnny Pre-workout: “Hey Mike how much pre-workout you want, big sexy?”

    Mike: “YES”

  10. Love this guy! Thanks for the wisdom and laughs! 🤣

  11. Has anyone tried these sitting up a little bit, like instead of flat on it. Will that compromise the form or screw you up?

  12. Mats! Lol good advice. Thank you for being honest about heights

  13. I like how much he covers and so well in this videos
    This is actually really useful

  14. Hack squat kills my knees 🤷🏽‍♂️

  15. I. Will. Never. Lock. Out.

    Nope… I'm happy with my soft knees.

  16. Thanks doc! I've been doing the extra credit which was making my lower back come off the pad and I was concerned

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