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How to fix AirPods Common Problems

Running into AirPods problems? We’ll help you diagnose and hopefully fix your AirPods.

Both the run-of-the-mill AirPods and the souped-up AirPods Pro — are some of the best true wireless earbuds on the shelves. They are amazingly easy to use, but occasionally problems will crop up and you will need to fix your AirPods. Wireless technology can behave unpredictably in a world with more and more signals shooting around. This is how to fix AirPods.

0:30 Finding Your Airpods
1:13 Pairing Problems
2:31 Dropping Calls
4:52 Battery Life
5:50 Full Reset

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  1. the one airpod connecting after a disconnection due to being out of range is so frustrating lmao It does happens to me all the time

  2. My right ear airpod is not working how do I fix it?

  3. my problem is last night the airpods were working perfectly! then this morning i woke up and it wouldn’t connect to my phone when i opened them. in fact, no lights came on unless i plugged it in. it would display the orange light then green indicating it’s done then the lights would disappear. for some reason when after plugging it in, i put in my airpod and it connected but it would not display the percentage, or even display the little white connecting box. after a few attempts, i got the box to show up and found out the case has been at 100% this whole time but the actual airpods are just not taking any charge

  4. Just did the long press…it worked! Bravo!

  5. My one joyroom earbud always showing blue light on…it never turned off and the earbud is also not working

  6. I'm having a big problem my airpods will work on every app but tiktok I can't hear the sound through my airpod only through the sound holes but when I go to YouTube or any other app it works through the airpods how do I fix that?

  7. my airpods only connect when i lift the lid of the case and disconnects as soon as i take them out

  8. My one AirPod fell out of my ear on the sidewalk I picked it up and wouldn’t work. It doesn’t even like read it. Strangly the next my day left was having paring problems and sometimes it just disconnects when I move my head to much. Can anyone solve this mystery

  9. My earpods doesnt connect each other like they have different bluetooth connection😭
    How do i solve this?helppp

  10. My left AirPod is making some weird sounds…even when it’s not connected…as I take it out from the case it starts making the noise…can you please help with it

  11. Pls help , what to do when my left AirPods drain faster than the right

  12. My iPods 12 don't show any light but when I connect to the charger it blinks for some seconds and stop.I don't know what to do,help please

  13. The issue I'm having is: This morning my airpods wouldn't connect to my phone or laptop like they usually would, when I tried to connect them it said that they're undected so I removed the airpods from my iPhone settings, then I tried to hard-reset them but after pressed on the back button for 15 seconds the light stayed green, it didn't turn amber or white at all. I tried multiple times to connect them to my phone and PC but it wouldn't work and the light didn't change at all it stayed green and won't flash white

  14. Hi my airpods two wires came loose it's the one's to the microphone/ speaker what should I do

  15. wait i think the bottom metal case on the bottom on my airpods is broken and when that happened is had low audio. IS THERE A WAY TO FIX IT?

  16. Idk why but whenever I use my airpods both of them don’t work like you hear the sound that they connected but when I try to use them they don’t work can someone help?

  17. every time i connect them they freeze my phone and i hear no sound at all

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