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How to Fix and Upgrade a Weak WiFi Signal | Ask This Old House

In this video, Ask This Old House home technology expert Ross Trethewey helps a homeowner get stronger WiFi coverage throughout his house by extending the service.

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Ross Trethewey helps a homeowner fix his slow WiFi. The family has had problems with their WiFi since they moved in. They cannot stream movies on their television in the basement, and sometimes even emails are slow to send.

Ross sees a ton of similar complaints from other homeowners. Finding the issue can be tricky since you can’t see a Wi-Fi network’s physical problem. Ross demonstrates a step-by-step approach to diagnose a WiFi problem and determine how to fix it. After checking the wiring and the modem location, Ross shows how to check the Internet speed.

He finds that the WiFi signal gets weak in the basement and top floor, but he has a solution. Ross introduces the homeowner to a mesh network, a distributed router system where you place WiFi routers strategically around your house to strengthen the WiFi connectivity and increase coverage. Afterward, the family has a strong WiFi signal throughout their home, allowing them to send emails and stream their favorite home improvement show.

Skill: 1/5
Cost: Mesh router costs $200—$500
Time: 1 hour

Shopping list:
Internet provider bill
Ethernet cable [https://amzn.to/3H3dqUH] Uninterruptible power supply [https://amzn.to/3H1ywD1] (UPS)—battery backup power stip

You will need a laptop.

Where to find it?
Ross installed a mesh network to extend the homeowner’s WIFI coverage. The mesh network doesn’t create a new network. Instead, it works to strengthen the network you have. The technology uses multiple devices to enhance WiFi connectivity and increase coverage. The tri-band mesh network used was eero Pro 6, eero [https://eero.com/] is an Amazon company.

Before installing the eero system, Ross explains the benefits of using a UPS (uninterruptible power supply). This battery backup strip provides up to 6 hours of power and surge protection. Ross chose to use a APC Back-UPS BE600M1 [https://amzn.to/3H1ywD1], which APC manufactures by Schneider Electric—APC USA [https://www.apc.com/us/en/]

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How to Fix and Upgrade a Weak WiFi Signal | Ask This Old House



  1. 5:30 Actually, this guy is wrong, You can stream HD fine with as little as 3Mbps. With his 16Mbps, he could stream 4k no problem. But yeah, it's not as fast as what he has in the rest of the house.

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