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7 Leg Press Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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  1. wow, that's one of the most well explained videos I've ever seen, the guy avoids technical jargon and always focus on the main point with no digression. he's a good example of what every teacher should aim to be.

  2. your technique puts stress on the joints and you are not strong enough because you are not using your muscles to your utmost capabilities .
    place your feet higher …load the press and you won't stress even when you get older because it doesn't stress your joints.
    everybody at the gym does things the way you do it. but not everybody does it the other way around.

  3. What are your thoughts on doing leg press with no shoes. I often find shoes uncomfortable and I can lift more without shoes

  4. I've only just started going to the gym & I didn't know any of this! Cool video bro, πŸ‘

  5. I wonder if you should lock your knees at all at the top. Or just stop short of locking in order to keep continuous tension on the quads…

  6. Sorry mister you should go down to 90 degrees? The way you do it will definitely blow out your knees in the long term?

  7. Thank you for this video. I had to stop doing leg press because my lower back would be in so much pain that I couldn't get out of bed sometimes. Took me a bit to figure out what workout was doing this.

    I was putting my feet up as high as I could and had the back pad fully forward. I was doing a lot of weight and probably rounding my lower back like crazy. I may try leg press again with your techniques and light weight to see if I can do them again. I'm kind of scared to though honestly.

    There was days I had to call out sick to work because my back was in soooo much pain. 😒

  8. long femur's, long limbs in general. Im always getting joint pain, whether it be elbow or knees im having issues with set up. Can we do a video around different bodies and how to set up for them.

  9. Wow this is great cause my legs need a stimulus and my knees have been sore so ya great information for sure!

  10. I'm tall so mine is in-between the 2sectors

  11. Your leg press suggestions are simply bad for the knees.😒 Putting feet up is simply a good idea.

  12. Excellent presentation except for the mistaken belief that this should primarily be a quad exercise instead of a full thigh/hip exercise (esp mistaken focus for those that don't squat or deadlift (well). The glutes, adductors/abductors and hams can and should grow huge from well-done angled leg presses ( esp for higher 15-20 reps with full depth and controllable weight). Secondly, the higher sled angle also offers advantages, too, as the leverage angle distributes weight differently and higher than the lower 45 degree angle, actually emphasizing the quads more, so alternating foot position from workout to workout or over cycles is not a bad idea if hitting quads is indeed a trainee's goal. Finally, a very thick towel can be more comfortably used as a lower back support when foam is lacking ( as it usually will be).The back will inevitably come off the machine for most people when the range of motion is deep enough bc most people lack the flexibility or the lower back strength to stay in place when going back low enough with the knees/ hips, so having something in place to keep the back from compressing should be an expected requirement. This becomes an even more important consideration as the the weight grows higher in poundage and if the trainee is older or lacks a strong lower back (most people who leg press don't squat, deadlift or trap lift or even do back extensions), the potential danger for low back injury grows as well.

  13. Great way to herniate your discs.

  14. Thank u for sharing this information.. I wish gyms that I went to when I was younger.. I don’t think I would have some of the injuries that I have today.. by the way I would like to have one of the RP shirts

  15. What do we do when the pad is fixed? In all gyms, where I have trained, I have not seen a single leg press with a mechanical pad. πŸ€”

  16. Question is there a difference between this machine and the Leg press machine that higher off the ground and doesn't use free weights?

  17. Awesome tips – thanks so much!

  18. bro i use this for my Glutes, not my quads, my knees would explode if i didn't use just my heels to push from the top.

  19. I just learned a lot of things I was doing wrong. πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

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