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How to Fix MacBook Pro Black Screen of Death – OSX Tutorial

In this tutorial I am going to show you 5 ways to fix a Macbook Pro showing the black screen of death.

This doesn’t happen often, but when it does it can be daunting. Hopefully you can use some of the tips in this video to help you restore your mac to working order.

Chapter Markers

00:00 Introduction
00:47 Check Power
01:01 Check Display Brightness
01:24 Restarting Mac
02:00 Reset NV Ram or PRam
02:30 Reset SMC
03:30 Boot into Safe mode
03:55 Repair Disk Permissions
04:14 Restore from Time Machine
04:25 Restore Mac OS

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  1. PRAM key dont work M1 device your cheating

  2. These were a huge help. Thank you VERY much! I had to boot in safe mode and run first aid, step 5. Then I shut down completely. I’m letting it rest a bit before starting up again. Whew!!!!

  3. Rip. I made it to the last option and still no bueno

  4. I tried every step and it makes sounds, the brightness is adjustable on screen as well ok the keyboard but it still not working after all steps. The apple Icon is also working on the back side but there is no loading screen with the apple logo, any suggestions ?

  5. Thank you. Looks like a hardware prob, but good to know I've tried everything…

  6. Thanks your video helped me

  7. I have tried everything you said and nothing works. 😭😭

  8. I paid £2,800 for my MacBook and it's a late 2018 touchbar model which I upgraded it from Apple.
    I went into Apple at the beginning of 2023 and had a meeting at Genius Bar. My MacBook would turn on, but I had no screen whatsoever. She connected with hdmi and I saw my screen appear on the other computer. She said because I'm out of warranty it's £670 pounds for them to look at it, and if it's more they will request more. She said MacBooks are built to last 5 years so she recommends instead of paying £670 or more, to just use that toward a new MacBook. I think this is terrible. Can anyone give me any advise ? Thanks so much guys.

  9. Take my house and money I love you

  10. You just earned another subscriber. Your information sharing was spot on and to the point, plus your accent is tip-top. Thank you! I will share this video!

  11. Apple is a terrible company. Has anyone see that the new macbooks are going to have a chip for the screen to work. So when you replace your screen the you also have to move over a chip thats "married" to the screen if you dont move the chip your screen wont work. This is ridiculous! Apple is anti-consumer.

  12. Set 3 workers for me today. The black screen only comes up after I open the MacBook screen. Hopefully it resolved the issue for good 👍

  13. My macbook display turn black when it's fully open ! It only works when it's half open

  14. Thank you very much it works for mine: Control Command R and P.

  15. Thanks very much solved the problem on the third option

  16. How do I do this when my powered button isn’t functional?

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