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How to Bypass Google Lock on MOTOROLA Defy – FRP Bypass Motorola 2022

Find the way to bypass Google lock after hard reset on MOTOROLA Defy. If your MOTOROLA Defy is locked by factory reset protection and you forgot the Google account password you should follow our steps to activate MOTOROLA Defy. It’s free and easy way to bypass Google verification and unlock MOTOROLA Defy. This skip FPR method should work in every Motorola device with Android 11.

How to remove factory reset protection on MOTOROLA Defy? How to bypass Google lock on MOTOROLA Defy? How to bypass Google account MOTOROLA Defy? How to unlock MOTOROLA Defy? How to skip Google lock on MOTOROLA Defy? How to bypass Google Account protection in MOTOROLA Defy (2021) with Android 11/12 and security patch 04.2022?

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  1. i am not able to press on the google services or other system apps you mention to press on is there any other way?

  2. My phone wont let me disable android setup. i tap on it and nothing happens.?

  3. It works you are awesome

  4. I succeeded by combining two bypass methods (this vid is one of them) who are similar but i was missing one key point in one video. When disabling / force stop system apps i had to both disable and force stop BOTH Android setups (one has a clock/timer logo, other has gear wheel logo), then i was able to disable Google Play Services where before i couldnt caus its function was grey of color and couldnt be changed. After disabling and force stop both Andoid setup apps i could disable G P S and then later enable it again so it was able to complete the rest of the remaining steps. Especially the moment where you can skip Connect to Wifi is a big one, ooofff i made it !. ;p (Moto E7 plus)

  5. this is fcking WORKS GREAT THANKS
    Crazy doing 2fingers tip take MANY times , keep trying!!!

  6. For some reason I can’t get the mirrored L to work to get the voice command up? Motorola XT1970-3

  7. worked , thank you brother 🙂

  8. Need help here. I did all of those steps but then I can't open the android setup and the others app. It cannot be opened so is there any way I can fix it

  9. xo – Moto G Power – perfect

  10. my screen is now black and unresponsive will update if fixes

  11. It worked perfectly. Thanks

  12. Perfect. Thank you a lot. Saved me buying another phone.

  13. Well it's obvious that the comments that state this works are all fake. You can not open the Google assistant or get into a web browser either. You used to be able to open a browser by tapping on one of the blue hyperlinks that are in the various eulas that accompany the accept terms prompts. And were at one point able to open up an instance of Gmail by way of selecting text and then selecting share which allowed you to login to a Google account of your choosing. But all these work arounds were very quickly patched and such workarounds haven't worked for years now. Occasionally you can find an engineering ROM for your model which can sometimes let you wipe the Google account it was locked to from its memory then reinstall the stock ROM again and frp doesn't work anymore. The only viable bypass I have found that works in 2023 is where you can guess the old users pattern lock code. Most are pretty simple and I personally have guessed more than a few patterns within 5 tries. That Google introduced this feature instead of making it only be pin or password is beyond me. But they did. Using facial recognition is also dumb as it can be bypassed simply by showing the phone a photo of the user.

    При мен се получи, даже по лесно от колкото във видеото всичко от първият път и не ми изчезваше менюто за гугъл настройки. 🤣

  15. Confirmed: Worked on XT2165-5 Android 12

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