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How to bypass verified boot is enabled error in SP flash tool

Text format & download links @ https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-39260.html



  1. This method serves to Xiaomi Redmi 9?

  2. My nokia TA 1104 flashing stuck on system_a file and system_b and userdata what I do bro

  3. To much technical sir, can you give us a simple one? Very appreciated thank you.

  4. I get the concept of this trick the only problem is I don't have pgpt file in my folder, i used python to extract the .ofp file to get the scatter.txt but i don't see any pgpt. how to get those?

  5. I dont have laf file,what can I do

  6. my realme 6i i cant find the patch pgmt plss help me

  7. wait my hex value is 2000000 plus 8000000 it resulted "A000000" so how do i edit the boot line in scatter pls help me an answer quick i'd really appreciate it.

  8. Hi my scatter files when I open it. I tried searching for laf but there's nothing. How do I know which partition to look for?

  9. I followed this step, to fix this problem, but I can't find it in the folder (patched pgpt_ufs0)

    Please help my device mt6771

  10. Hi, I've made a lot of progress thanks to you.
    I've RMX2117 and using official Stock Firmware,
    SP Flash Tool showed me ERROR – need opporeserve2 signed or disable verify boot
    After implementing your method I could complete flashing.
    But, phone stuck at boot logo saying download not complete – ERROR CODE: 0x99256658
    Please help me unbrick my phone and install stock firmware properly.

  11. Good day
    I downloaded Tecno spark 5 pro flash file from your site, then I decided to flash it with sp flash tool.
    The first error message I received was checksum error, while trying to solve the checksum error I mistakenly format the phone from the format block, now the phone is not coming up again. I was able to solve the checksum problem and decided to flash the firmware now it bringing up verified boot enabled. My major problem about it is the fact that the phone is not even coming up again

  12. Helpme… Please dowload signed image(Md1 img verfied img)or disable verified boot

  13. Nice interesting video not for my brain, what do I do back to math school?🤓

  14. thank you bro,you help me a lot to understand what flashing is

  15. how to find which file is giving this error? in my firmware files i can't file iaf file. Please help

  16. This video is confusing, at some point I started getting diff results….pls my error is vbmeta_system

  17. Hi hovatek .I couldn't copy the zero..it got pasted as ???????

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