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Top 5 Latte Art Mistakes and How to Fix Them

This video covers the top 5 most common latte art mistakes and how to fix them. When learning to make coffee, espresso, lattes, cappuccinos and more, many new baristas struggle with how to pour latte art. Whether you’re working with an espresso machine at at home or in a cafe, this latte art tutorial will help you avoid common pitfalls and take your barista skills to the next level!

0:00 Introduction
0:33 Latte Art Mistake #1: Bad Milk Texture
2:29 Latte Art Mistake #2: Wrong Pouring Distance
3:35 Latte Art Mistake #3: Wrong Pouring Speed
4:45 Latte Art Mistake #4: Wrong Sizes/Volumes
6:18 Latte Art Mistake #5: Impatience
7:02 Practice Technique: Water and Food Coloring
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  1. The best and most helpful video for beginners

  2. You've been learning
    Um baby I been learning
    All them good times baby, baby

  3. Trying to learn latte art to go with a tune I just dropped with the same name – I think I made all 5 mistakes 😂 but your solutions give me hope!

  4. I almost never appreciate YouTube videos, but this was easily one of the best I've seen on the website. Far from being clickbait, I am absolutely making multiple mistakes mentioned in this video and I had no idea. Thank you for posting this! You're one of the very, very, very few good ones.

  5. Thank you so muchhh 😘

  6. The practice technique not only didn’t work but also got loadds of food coloring on my fingers do not try

  7. I have to try this tips tomorrow ❤❤ ty!

  8. better to use bigger pither for making latte art. use the regular one for steaming

  9. I would love some elaboration on why we pour fast during the design. Great video!

  10. I use skim milk, it's a family preference. I get the impression from the few times I've used whole milk that it is much easier to froth for latte art. Is that right?

  11. How long can it take to produce the perfect art

  12. From your videos I believe I will become a pro Barista soon 🫡🫡🫡🫡🫡

  13. You are just the best ❤

  14. thanks AJ! i recently started a job in a coffee shop a few months ago. really enjoying working there and really enjoy practising making coffee and this video helped me see some (a lot :D) of my mistakes!

  15. sorry, one thing I don't get: of you get 60ml of espresso, did you put in 30g of coffee (5:45) ?? or isn't this what the 1:2 rule is saying, meaning from 16g of coffee you should get 32-35 ml(or grams) of espresso?

  16. This video instantly improved my latte art x10

  17. Wow I've used the water and dish soap but the food colouring to simulate the coffee is new to me, great tip!

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