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How To Fix Shoulder Pain [SIMPLE STEPS]

Fix shoulder pain with these simple stretches and workouts.

Shoulder impingement is a prevalent term used to describe shoulder pain, but it falls short as a diagnosis. In this video, I’ll debunk the notion of shoulder impingement and explain why it’s an insufficient explanation for the root cause of your injury.

Join me as we dive into the details and complexities of shoulder impingement. I’ll shed light on the two main types: external (or subacromial) and internal impingement. Understanding the distinction between these types is crucial in developing an effective rehab plan tailored to your specific condition.

Research has shown that the key to optimal rehabilitation lies in identifying the underlying cause of your shoulder pain. By unraveling the “why” behind your injury, we can make informed exercise choices that address the root issue.

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External impingement describes the pinching of the bursa (a small fluid filled “air bag”) or rotator cuff tendons against the ceiling created by the acromion bone. The subacromial space is the space between the acromion and the rotator cuff/soft tissue structures. Internal impingement occurs when the tendons of the rotator cuff are pinched between the “ball” of the humerus and the edge (usually the back side) of the socket “tee.” Because these classifications are based on where the impingement occurs, they often bring out pain in different parts of the shoulder.

External impingement for example often creates pain on the front side of your shoulder as you raise your arm overhead. Internal impingement creates pain on the backside of the shoulder as the arm is elevated and externally rotated.

To understand WHY your shoulder impingement is occurring we’ll need to uncover:
1) Mobility imbalances
2) Stability imbalances
3) Coordination imbalances

To learn more of the screening process I take patients through who have shoulder pain, check out this blog: https://squatuniversity.com/2018/08/04/how-to-screen-your-shoulder-pain/

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  3. DUDE THANK YOU"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have frozen shoulder on both sides. How to unfreeze my shoulders?

  5. Meh, nothing a 1st year physical therapist wouldn't do with you.

  6. But… He's kissing the bed at 11.00?

  7. I have a shoulder pain that radiates down to a nerve right in-between the bicep and tricep muscle whenever I try to bench press or any other movement that involves lifting my arm at a 90° angle. I can't even do barbell squats anymore either. Would these exercises help? Or is it a different problem?

  8. (5:07) Lat stretch (9:45) Lying single arm lateral raise hold (12:30) External rotation with band

  9. Please do a video on Shoulder Bursitis

  10. I glad that you're here. My right shoulder has been kicking my ass lately. I'm happy to see a little more exercises than my old therapist showed me last year.

  11. I'm able to lift my arm over my head with minimum pain but I'm still having pain with my impingement. And for some reason it hurts when I sleep in my bed.

  12. This video is better than all the classes I took at university. In fact, all your videos are great, I'm marathoning your channel. You have an unusual teaching style.
    Hugs from Brazil.

  13. Can you talk about shoulder pain that may originate from the bicep/tendon?? Rotator cuff is fine!


  14. What if we have disc buldge in the neck? How to fix it ?

  15. I injured my shoulder on a nasty fall. Was in a sling for month and now my shoulder pops and cracks when I move it. It isn't painful, but it does feel weaker and is annoying.

  16. My front shoulder and lateral shoulder are bigger than the rear shoulder and I do hear clicks and it also hurts during overhead activities. Is it an instability issue ??

  17. I watch this video over and over. I wish I could like it each time. Great content! I have impingements in each shoulder; the left is bothering me the most now. Historically, it's only been the right. I'm working on it.

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