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How To Fix A Hole in a Surfboard – HOWTO Episode 1

Welcome and thanks for watching, because we all know everyone only ever reads the description after watching the video.

Let me know what you think?

I know I don’t do things exactly by the book, but in the end it turns out OK.

Here is a list of all the materials used in this video

Cut Yards Surfblanks 40Z Warp 27" wide

Cut Yards Surfblanks 40Z Warp 27" wide

Surfblanks Ultra Violet Laminating Resin

Bottle of M.E.K.P

Wax & Styrene
Surfblanks Wax 5% & Styrene

The products listed above for example only and may not be the quantity I purchased for use in this video.


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  1. Someone picked up a board for my kid off the side of the road, it looks like it was mounted with screws. Can we repair those also?

  2. A bit of Aussie spit n polish 😂

  3. I have one on the point of the surfboard that’s 1000 times worse I’m hoping this will work

  4. Hey Nathan i have my dad's surfbord it is full of holes I think it has about 3 holes. Where can i get the stuff from like cloth, Resin etc

  5. You didn't mention what grade of spit you used, any tips?

  6. How long does it take for it to dry before scraping it off

  7. Hello, great video thanks! I have two questions… first, qcell is not available where I am… do you think it’s ok just to use resin to fill in or make it myself (grind foam?) or some substitute? 2. Is it ok to use epoxy to repair a poly board? Cheers!

  8. I have everything, except the spit where can I buy that?

  9. i just got a beat up board for cheap and am going to use this video to fill in the nose and tail holes, you got yourself a new subscriber!

  10. Exactly what I needed, thanks man!

  11. Ok now… how to fix a hole in my life?

  12. Thanks for video. I am wondering if I was to paint this to match the board colour. At what point would you have painted this?

  13. Thank you very much for posting. This is extremely helpful. Can you clarify the purpose of adding the stryene wax? To my knowledge the Q-cell is used to thicken the resin, so why would you want to add strene wax as a thinning agent?

  14. If you gonna try fix your board at home, don’t forgot the spit, is very important part of the process!

  15. what should i use if i dont have Q cel? is there any i could use?

  16. thank you for the vid Nathan. I imagine you could have put a bit of red into the resin mix?

  17. Nice tutorial mate, personally i like to take off the damaged fiber glass to have a fully exposed foam then fill it up with pasty resin and cloth.

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