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How To BYPASS Parental Controls on iPhone or iPad WITHOUT Password | Full Tutorial

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How To Bypass Parental Controls on iPhone | easily remove parental restrictions from your iPhone or iPad! Did you have parental controls such as screen time on your iPhone or iPad, with downtime blocking your apps? Would you like to remove screen time and bypass any parental restrictions on your iPhone? If so, this video is for you! I will teach you how to bypass parental controls on iPhone or iPad in this tutorial. The process to bypass parental controls on iPhone is very easy, and by the end of this guide, parental controls known as screen time will be removed and bypassed off of your device!

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  1. does the i tunes download still work?

  2. I hate parental controls it made my life miserable 😭

  3. Man, my parents made it to where I can’t even click my pfp now, I can’t do it now. Noooooo

  4. Does this work I’m just trying to make sure cuz my pc is $1500


  6. the operagx is a brouser not backup

  7. Ah yes, I can now use this against my mom who turns it on for no reason and I don’t deserve it 🙂

  8. Why would you tell children this information?

  9. ? This is not what I searched up I thought this would tell me how to bypass and make my own password for my phone

  10. When i click on Ibackupbot for windows it says error 404

  11. Parents concerned about this working for your kids, just go to content restriction and make sure you got the account changes feature disabled, that wont let your kid log out of his apple Id or turn off find me, which wont let them restore the screen time settings.

  12. To my surprise it work, I finished doing all of that it didn’t work but after updating to iOS 16 after it works,idk how it works😊 by the way thank u g

  13. I cant downoad the backupbot or itunes links they just send me to a 404

  14. the link does not work anymore for ibackup

  15. Can someone tell me hownto change date and time without having to use my parents device?

  16. does this also work using an ipad?

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