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Transponder Chip Key Bypass How To For Any Car!

If you only have 1 key to your car or don’t want to invest in a locksmith making valid transponder keys and just want metal keys, Here’s how to do it the fast and easy way.



  1. That's not bypassing anything, though. You're just relocating a crucial component that is still being used.

  2. Will you still be able to use the power door locks or will the system think that a key is still in the ignition and not let the doors lock?

  3. So I'm wondering if I do this, will a 2 way remote starter system work on my Jeep wj

  4. Come on man. There's gotta be better ways than to destroy a perfectly good key.

  5. You didn't "bypass anything " you just moved the chip.

  6. I'm changing the whole column with a different key. Can I take the chip out my old key and replace the chip from the new with it??

  7. Can u put the chip into another key

  8. U need the right amount of electromagnatism being transpinded one qay and collected another way

  9. Greetings,
    It appears the steering column side of my 2010 Nissan Sentra. Any ideas ?

  10. You are a ballbag . Oxygen thief…

  11. For some reason the chip would work and sometimes not. I'd have to move around the chip until the light stopped blinking. What's up with that?

  12. My car starts but the PATS will not set. Any ideas?

  13. You can buy after market keys with chip on Amazon for about 5$ and program them yourself by watching a Youtube video on the process or pull the ignition cover off and glue the chip next to the other one. Peace!

  14. Thank You – You save me heaps – instead of buying a new programmed key from dealer at $150 – it Cost me only $6.00 blank from ebay and $10 labour cost for cutting the blank.now my new key works like a charm.

  15. Video starts at 3:10. Decent advice, thanks!

  16. Now all I need is a screwdriver to steal your car 😂

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