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[FRP Bypass Guide] How to Bypass Google Lock on SAMSUNG (Android 11) – PassFab Android Unlocker

SAMSUNG phone asks for Google account verification after factory reset? How to bypass Google lock on SAMSUNG phone with Android 11? This is an updated guide for you! Get PassFab Android Unlocker here: https://bit.ly/3WOUz8x

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00:00 Intro
00:12 Connect phone to the computer and run PassFab Android Unlocker
00:22 Choose Android version
01:01 Download and install a specific APP and backup on another accessible SAMSUNG phone
02:07 Send notification to FRP locked phone and install S9 Launcher
03:15 Restore the App from the backup
04:14 Allow permissions with the App
06:09 Remove FRP lock completely
07:14 Reset phone

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1. This video is only for educational purpose of showing users how to regain access to their own device when they forgot their passwords.
2. PassFab Android Unlocker only supports Samsung series devices FRP removal. Learn more about tech spec: https://www.passfab.com/tech-spec/android-unlocker.html
3. PassFab Android Unlocker is unable to obtain access to credentials, compromise personal data or cause serious harm to others. Do not try to violate YouTube community guidelines.

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  1. PassFab Android Unlocker (https://bit.ly/3lyZ2eH) with 20% off discount👉: D3PE8

  2. Worked perfectly on 3 Samsung Tab S7 plus tablets😃😁😄

  3. Will this work for the Samsung Galaxy A01 ?
    I need to bypass the frp lock

  4. No point to buy this tool as free tools does the same job 😂

  5. S9 Launcher app, not found on Galaxy Apps……?

  6. what is the role of alliace shield? In case of failure, google frp procedure can be repeated, or the notification acknowledged action is done just once, so we missed the chance?thx

  7. usb services will not open. cannot fish final step

  8. I intend to buy your software but I need to know if it really do what it is said. Do you have any temporarily licence?Thx

  9. why you fucker dont tell ppl that software is US $49.99?
    it doesn't let you do anything without a key. so its free to download but useless. I'm not looking for buying a fucking software to use one time.

  10. Hi so I think you need to patch the backup part because when I get to the reinstallation on the alliance shield x from the restore data. It ends up asking me to sign into google play and it takes me back to the Lock Screen and I can by pass it. Thanks for trying to help

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