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How To Fix Two Big Problems With The Walstad Method

Father Fish has developed a system that overcomes 2 of the major problems unresolved by the Walstad system. Anaerobics in the substrate and reduction of nutrients are major issues confounding fish keepers who wish to establish a dirted deep substrate system. Through 10 years of research Father fish has designed solutions for both of these concerns.
The video also discusses natural food as a third important issue in the development of the Father Fish dirted deep substrate system.

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FATHER FISH is an advocate for natural aquariums. His research over 25 years provides a wealth of information about the creation and maintenance of natural aquariums.
On this channel you will find scientific research as well as personal testimonials by countless hobbyists who have applied the Father Fish System and are enjoying its amazing benefits.

THE FATHER FISH SHOAL on Discord is a wonderful way to meet and make new fishy friends as well as get the help you need.
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  1. Father fish can I add water from my pond in my aquarium?

  2. What do you think of a 8/8,5PH water? Could it be why my betta fins look torn.

  3. Today i did my first Dirt Tank ❤

  4. Hello FatherFish. i'm a newb and am wondering if your tanks are all freshwater tanks or do you work your magic also with saltwater fish?
    I am looking at setting up a saltwater reef aquarium which will also house an Octopus, and am wondering if i may be able to follow your lead here and set up as naturally as possible.
    Many thanks

  5. Thanks for the good instruction on how to set up an aquarium. I have a marine aquarium and would like to know if the same rules apply to soil in them? Thank you 🙂

  6. Keep the videos coming just like watching fish I can watch these videos for hours. You’re great! Those jags in that huge tank with all the fish! Someday I’ll have a huge South American tank just to keep those fish. Had one named Rock that actually turned out to be a female for a good 14/15 yrs. Thanks for sharing what you know.

  7. I recently syarted watching your videos starting with the jars of life ones and now i have a question. May I ask what the whote pvc tubing is for?
    I see in all your tanks.

  8. I have 6 glofish with some shrimp and snails in a 20 gallon tank with a 3-4 inch substrate like you have. Im feeding the fish every 3 days or so. Do u include glofish as little fish or would u feed them?

  9. What's are tue best plants for a new dirt tank?
    I think I need about a half inch more sand to be a 3 inches..does that half of inch make a big difference?

  10. Hi! I have a question. Is it possible to create a tank like these with goldfish? I know they litter a lot so I wondered how hard it would be to create an equilibrium in the tank's ecosystem with them. Which plants and little companions would suit them best?

  11. No need to apologize for a long video, you always explain in details and we love it because we learn and you're our great teacher, much love.

  12. Does your store you ship to canada?

  13. I love the long videos, I could listen to you teach all day! How can you tell when the tank is producing enough that you don’t have to feed the little fish?

  14. Thanks for all the information. I just want give you a hug. Your energy is just like my grandpa

  15. So a ph of 8 is actually ok?, I’ve been told to get my tanks ph down. It currently sits at 8.

  16. Can I use coconut husk instead of peat moss?

  17. hey FF how long it takes for fish poop to 'precipitate' through the sand ?
    i am seeing fish poop everywhere on my white sand and i dont think they r going to just sift through the sand like u say considering the compact nature of the sand
    plz enlighten me about it more

  18. Honestly, father fish should have more subscribers than Luke's goldies

  19. Totally fascinating. Many thanks!

  20. Sir oak tree and maple tree not available near me please alternate leaves used in aquarium

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