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How to fix YouTube Not Showing Comments

Is YouTube not showing comments? Here is a quick fix.
First, make sure to update the YouTube app if this is happening on your app.

It could be that restricted mode is turned on which limits what comments you can see.

If you are using an iPhone, you can delete or offload the app and reinstall it.

Your channel setting or video may be set for kids. This will disable comments on the video.

You can also delete chrome cookies and that may solve your issue too.

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  1. Nothing solved the problem – it's completely obvious, how many comments are just not shown – When I can see 5 responses to a comment and try to open, to read them, only 3 of them are visible ..the 2 is just not shown??
    I hear this from many others, and there seem to be nothing anyone can do about it??
    How is this not censorship??

  2. It’s so annoying 😒

  3. Thank you bud!
    This issue screwed me in a manner that … well it hurt.
    Seriously, thanks!

  4. This guy copied my comment and he got 4.8k likes, while I only had 1.9k. This is because YouTube made my comment super hard to find

  5. Wow my comments were temporarily blocked have no idea why that was frustrating

  6. Thank you, I sometimes forget to clean the cache on certain apps

  7. The third reason is censorship. You will see your comment but nobody else will.

  8. The third reason is censorship. You will see your comment but nobody else will.

  9. i found out why, i was on my school account

  10. lot more cruel than I thought people

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