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How to Fix Flat Feet (fallen arches) in 4 Steps

The best treatment of fallen arches is one which combines the right shoes, foot exercises, and glute training into one program.

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0:00 Start
0:10 Why having a strong foot arch is important
1:33 What is Flat Feet, and do I have it?
2:28 The Prevalence of flat feet
3:04 1. Wearing the wrong shoes
4:34 2. Weak Intrinsic Foot Muscles
5:57 3. Tight Calves and Restricted ankles
7:58 4. Weak Glutes (external rotators)
9:02 Conclusion

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  1. I dont even wear anything i just wear shoes once in a week

  2. Please help me l am boy but I am working like a girl

  3. What is ridiculous is the number of ads on Youtube.. Disgraceful

  4. It's my life long ambition to join the army of my nation as an officer however my flat feet put these goals of mine in jeopardy. Hopefully this will help

  5. How to fix flat feet in 4 steps: take out your credit card, then give the details to us, then wait for the funds to transfer, and finally, don't dispute the charges. And just like that, we have made money! Wait, was that not your goal? Who cares, we have your money!

    I don't mind that you have a program for sale. The tile makes it sound like the video has exercises and advice, but it doesn't. It has affiliate links to your shoe partners and is an ad for your program. It's deceptive.

  6. My doctors tell me you can't rebuild fallen arches. Is this really true that you can without surgery?

  7. Can toe walking be a symptom of having flat feet?!

  8. Thank you for the very helpful content and the super comprehensible videos. I especially appreciate the technical terminology being kept to a minimum.
    Could you make a video on orthotics?
    I get the theory but wearing them also disconnects you from the ground. You don't get input from the ground and you feel stiff while moving.
    It seems to be a temporary aid for acute situations but not the solution.

  9. Hi! Great video! Due to an old(11 yrs) ankle injury, I cannot do 'short-foot' at all with my left foot. Im quite limited on my uninjured side, anyway. The only way I can get slightly clise to mindfully shortening my left foot is to attempt to push my lateral malleolus outwards, whilst my weight is on my foot/feet, would you say this is the correct way to start initiating the exercise?

  10. Does it occur from hereditary?….cuz I and some of my friends have it from childhood as long back as I can remember so?

  11. Hi when i stand i get a really tight and slightly painful in my right hip which disappears when moving when i lifted my foot up as if i had a higher arch it cures the pain while standing does anyone know what this is called and how i can fix it ?

  12. My son is 3 and has this problem. Intuitively I knew it had to do with foot correcting shoes, but the entire muscle and joints that work with his mobility. I want to help him before he gets older. He trips over himself..I really want to know. The doctor gave him shoes that are suppose to help his foot, but I truly believe it is more than just the curve of his foot

  13. does walking in socks count?

  14. πŸ˜Žβ“‚οΈπŸ‚πŸ˜‚

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