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How to Bypass 480p Video Streaming Limits on T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint

ExpressVPN (This is what I use)

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  1. hey lol didn't we talk about this 🙂

  2. I don’t know why people have a hard time understanding that it depends on the plan you’re on. I’m looking to get off the elite plan from ATT to the starter plan but the only thing holding me back is the video quality. But I use ghost vpn so I’m hoping that it’ll get me the work-around. Thanks for this video.

  3. Those provider are disgusting.

  4. So pay for VPN instead of pay T-Mobile? Sounds like a hot potato situation 🤦‍♂️

  5. Can’t you just turn off stream saver with your carrier?

  6. I've been using my hotspot for free with pdanet since 2018, and when two years ago I discovered that I could bypass the 480p limitation I felt dumb, I was watching Youtube at 480p quality since I got a Metro phone , I tried using a vpn and it worked! I've been using VeePN for two years, it's free.

  7. Let me put this out there.
    With carrier 480p stream limit and VPN on, a Samsung S10 plus loads a 2160p video alot faster then a S20 plus. I believe the culprit is because of a recent update for the S20 Plus. Before the update it was loading alot faster, now it's dog sh**.

  8. I was wondering why I could stream a whole 1080p movie on those movie streaming sites like nothing but can't watch a 5 min video. Decided to try my vpn and that's when I noticed this is a thing. Looked up tmobile plan and even though I have high speed data I only have "sd" video streaming. Which I guess is their way to upsell people.

  9. Thanks homie! I've has the s22 ultra for months now and just recently discovered that I was being held back by T-Mobile's greedy asses.

  10. does anyone know if surfshark works with this method?

  11. I use metro by T-Mobile and stream at 4k easily. No buffers. I don't even pay for their hd voice feature either. I don't use a VPN. Guess their throttling just doesn't work. I do use Adguard so maybe that bypasses that.

  12. thats weird i thot it slows down your internet. im confused

  13. I've never used a VPN that works with bypassing throttling I personally believe that this whole thing is a lie just to get people to sign up to VPN

  14. If your going to pay for vpn might as well pay the extra $10 and stream 1080p.

  15. Wow nice work that’s a nice work around even without jail breaking the iPhone

  16. I've been wondering this for a while and even the MetroPCS employees wouldn't even tell me

  17. in Russia, even 4G works at 1080p without problems, and in the US, even 5G cannot reach 480p. this is explained by the greed of mobile operators

  18. On T-Mobile app just go to more, profile settings, then media settings. Switch the toggle, log out then restart your phone. Put on YouTube put a video in advanced and it won’t freeze high quality. 👍🏾

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