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How to Bypass Google Verification in MOTOROLA Moto E5 Plus – Unlock FRP / Skip Google Protection

The best way to activate MOTOROLA Moto E5 Plus without Google account. If you forgot the Google password you should unlock FRP by using our tutorial. Let’s unlock Google Verification in MOTOROLA Moto E5 Plus. Let’s remove Factory Reset Protection in MOTOROLA Moto E5 Plus. This method works in the newest security patch level.

How to bypass Google verification in MOTOROLA Moto E5 Plus? How to skip unlock frp in MOTOROLA Moto E5 Plus? How to bypass Google protection in MOTOROLA Moto E5 Plus? How to activate MOTOROLA Moto E5 Plus without Google Account? How to remove FRP? How to delete Google account?

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  1. When I got to the update YouTube part there was no “not now” option…

  2. A funcționat perfect. Mulțumesc!

  3. Can anyone help? I have done exactly what the guide said and after restarting the phone the lock in the taskbar goes away but after i click skip fingerprint I a not signed in message

  4. This was GREAT!!!! iTt was the esiest way to bypass the verificatio, an I have spent days trying to do this. This video was perfect!! Thank you!

  5. I don't get the Youtube popup option when on the feedback text entry step.

  6. When I get to the youtube update screen there's no option to deny. It just say update. WTF! This is so frustrating!!

  7. It only says "CUT COPY" when I highlight YouTube ☹

  8. This only works if the phone connects to WiFi. The one I just got from a friend to replace my broken one has been reset and it won't connect to my internet, nor will it let you skip the WiFi process.

  9. thanks my friend love you

  10. How can I proceed when going to YouTube it only has an option to update and nothing else? Please help!! (Moto E5 Plus)

  11. Doesn't work on on moto e5 cruise 1/23/21

  12. 100% Working , Thank you sir. ( 24/01/2021)

  13. Do you know how many Roberts you helped

  14. great job, in the beginning i couldn´t acceso to youtube, but then i press with two finger the volume up and down, as you did and it worked, thank you.

  15. BFFB – Big Fan From Brazil!

  16. Moto e5 go gets stuck after first reboot saying to login with an owner's account, even after it recognizes the new account had been added, please help! 🙁
    Android 8.1 security patch January 1st, 2019

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