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How To Fix Replace Small Key for Dell Laptop – Letter Number Arrow etc

Use this video if a Key on your Dell Laptop has been lost or broken. Better and cheaper to replace the individual key sometimes. Ill show you here what to watch out for and how to remove and install a key safely 🙂 If you need help with a larger sized key, refer to this video; https://youtu.be/HsU3HOZUwy4

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Q: My Key Cap will not click down in place correctly. What’s wrong?
A: If your Key Cap is not clicking down in place correctly, it is most likely due to the Retainer Clip not being properly installed or damaged. Remove the Cap and inspect for damage or that its not laying down flush and properly snapped in itself. Compare to another Clip if needed by removing another Cap.

Q: My Retainer Clip will not fasten down correctly.
A: If the Retainer Clip does not fasten correctly to the Keyboard, there can be several reasons. The Retainer Clip could be orientated or assembled incorrectly. The Retainer Clip’s pins could be broken or damaged. The metal pins on the Keyboard could be bent out of place or otherwise damaged.

Q: Where can I purchase replacement keys?
A: If you break or damage any component of the key assembly, you would have to replace it. I usually get my keys on Ebay or www.replacementlaptopkeys.com. If you cannot find a loose key for sale, you may have to purchase a keyboard and take a key from there.

Q: I have a Key or Keys that are not working. Will this fix them?
A: This video is a tutorial on how to replace a key. If your keys are not working but are not mechanically broken, troubleshoot them as seen here; https://youtu.be/wqrchfpdJ_w.

Q: The hinge clip came apart into two pieces. How can I reassemble?
A: They fit together with a small plastic pin on the left and right of the inner clip. These fit into holes on the outer clip. To see exactly how the inner clip sits in the outer clip, remove another key cap and copy the clip under it.

Q: The rubber spring came off. How do I reattach it?
A: There isn’t really a good way to reattach those. They are not meant to be replaced. Best advice is try to use a small amount of glue. If that does not work, you may have to replace the keyboard.

Q: The Hinge Clip came off with the Key Cap. What do I do?
A: Because they key can usually not be reinstalled with the Retainer Clip and the Key Cap still attached to each other, you would have to separate them as seen here, using a small flat pry tool.



  1. THANK YOU OMGG!!! this helped me a ton. i had spilled hot wax on my computer and i had to take apart one of the key to clean it!!!!

  2. thanks for the video, but you just missed a small detail at the end. which way the key goes in and "just clicks nicely" still stuck with the "N" key loose!

  3. Sooo…..what if I did break the retainer clip??


  5. what happens if i follow everystep but the key is still not going in

  6. How can I buy one single key ?

  7. Omg, thanks your video saved me!!

  8. I would like to share an ordeal I went through.
    When I took the key off the board, there was a center piece of retainer still attached on the bottom of the key.
    The retainer is a combination of two parts. When the key was removed, the central part of the retainer was separated from the retainer frame.
    This is a very rare situation. In this case, you must first join the two separated retainer parts.
    I realized the four metal pins on the board are actually in the form of hooks.
    When pressing and fixing the retainer assembly, be careful not to change the top and bottom surfaces. There are very small groove on the surface of the retainer that are inserted into the hooks.
    (two grooves on the outer retainer and two grooves on the inner retainer)
    I hope you will never have to go through what I did.

  9. how about the switch in the middle??? No one wants to talk about it. Is the center not the switch??

  10. I did it! With some help from the comments and this video my A key is back in Action! THANK YOU!

  11. When I press it doesn’t go back on

  12. My computer is so dirty ty now I can clean it

  13. Mine still pops up when I press it on the down part, I guess its time to replace it

  14. thanks! My D key broke from pressing flash so much in league of legends

  15. the fact that i was watching the video while i was doing it and when he said you broke it i knew i was dead b that was my mothers own.

  16. I have a small problem, My W key has come off my hp laptop, The thing that holds the key is glued to the upper key and i cant push it in. Maybe you can help fix this?

  17. Thank you I accidentally broke mine on my school laptop at school and now ive been hiding but now i won't

  18. its there a way to buy those part of rubber that helps to press the keys?

  19. omg thank you so much! I have a dell laptop and my A key wasn't working lately, now it's working like it's brand new!

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