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How to Bypass the Netflix Password Sharing Ban | USA & Australia


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  1. Did this help you? You can show your thanks by buying me a Coffee ► https://www.buymeacoffee.com/techmanpat

  2. hi i have tried this again and it didnt work @ all you have left details out and and settings and you havent covered if fails so this isnt very helpful

  3. This won't work for a home network behind CGNAT. However Tailscale will, it's free and easy to setup (with an exit node at the home location)

  4. OR you could just cancel Netflix and not support corporate greed. 🏴‍☠

  5. i have solution, it’s time to Cancel Netflix 😂


  7. You may or may not be Violating your terms of service. As my mom used to say, “Let your conscience be your guide.” That said, also be aware of the number of connections you have. Unless you pay extra, you may not be able to watch more than one stream simultaneously, even in the same home.

  8. So does this not work with smart tvs since you need to download the openvpn app?

  9. I don't think I can make this work as I have Starlink and it uses a CGNAT connection.

  10. How to make this to work with moving QR Codes … and need to connect to the same WiFi.

  11. I watched 3 videos in a row and all was fine – your video's sound is too soft.

  12. How to with a Linksys router?

  13. Does this workaround only apply to using Netflix on your computer or phone? Our daughter is away at college with a Roku and uses our login.

  14. I use Roku, so how do I apply this solution ?

  15. Netflix's new policy to track your IP is wrong. I cancelled cable TV years ago and subscribed to streaming services because I have a second home and should not have to pay twice for the same service. Under the new Netflix policy, I could be in Florida for my Winter getaway for a couple of months and, lose Netflix because I'm unable to log back in from my home location every 30 days!

  16. I want to get Netflix for free really, bragh.?

  17. The one problem with this is by turning on your VPN. You’re slowing down your Internet.

  18. The problem is for people with Apple TV or tv apps. There isn’t a built in vpn client.

  19. who wnats to watch on a phone or laptop

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