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Super Glue and Baking soda ! Pour Glue on Baking soda and Amaze With Results

In this video, I showed you how to fix your broken items using glue and baking soda, known as super glue or ca glue. Using baking soda and super glue together is a much more effective and durable method than repairing using cotton and super glue.

Inventor 101 #superglue #ideas #lifehacks



  1. 3:57 you have done here a big mistake because you put your hand on the soda and superglue, and when it’s making the chemical reaction, it heats to more then 100 degrees and it porns the human skin that is a big mistake

  2. what did you use to take the impression of the gears?

  3. Cant find that superglue on Amazon

  4. WOW!!! Thank you so much for sharing your tips and tricks with all of us and I’m very impressed 😊

  5. Thanks now I crave cocaine.

  6. You're one of THE most BADASS, ingenuitive MFrs Ive watched! EVER! 💯 PROPS!

  7. the gear part was so sick! Loved that idea

  8. Good stuff, good work thank you.

  9. Or, just use auto body filler in holes. Hardens fast, re-drill, repair.

  10. So, would this work to repair a cracked tile in my shower?

  11. I heard this is how they fix cracks on aircraft but Don’t take my word for it

  12. Om bageshwari Namah Jay Jay Siyaram Gurudev

  13. This is working pls tell me anyone

  14. 3d print that gear next time, save yourself several hours lol

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