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How to Fix Shed Felt to Your Shed Roof

Step by step guide on how to apply bituminous roofing felt to your shed roof. Includes useful advice on the best materials to use, together with information on the tools you will need to complete the perfect job.



  1. Nails down through felt!!!!!!!, does not stop leaks.

  2. Not a very good idea to walk on the felt on the paving slabs. @2.15 Even a small stone can poke through the felt creating a leakage point. 👎👎

  3. I think the felt is stronger than the boards of that roof….it was bouncing up and down, and flexing like a banana when hitting those nails in!

  4. That was a fantastic video on how to put shed felt on!! It was explained brilliantly!!

  5. Check out the Stodoys plans if you want to make it better.

  6. When nailing, it's always better to start nailing, from the centre, and then work left and right,, stops any creasing.

  7. Its better to out adhesive everwhere on the roof…just in case of strong wind.

  8. Rather than cut an apex strip for the top, I would use a full width strip for a better overlap of the lower strips (Which in this video is far too small!)

  9. Nails in an external membrane? I don't think so.

  10. I usually double felt my roofs and apply a waterproof to the plywood to ensure extra protection to the contents of the shed.

  11. Hi. I have corrugated roof sheets on the shed. is this still a solution?

  12. No nonsense and well explained. Thanks for taking the time to post this!

  13. Some rather ugly wrinkles at the far end on your finished roof, but thanks for the video. To those below, the nails are designed with broad heads which bury themselves in the felt which seals around them, and only go in areas which are butumen painted already – so stop worrying. Good felt is worth using as it doesn't rip so easily.

  14. This video doesn't state which side should face up.

  15. Ty for the close up visuals… because figuring out all the millimeters…. Oi! Good guide!

  16. hi ive got some roofing felt adhesive left could I use this to cover all my shed roof felt ?

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