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How to Fix Broken Glasses at HOME – (and Adjust Them Too)

A full review of how to repair broken glasses at home and how to adjust them. If you want to learn how to fix broken glasses at home – this video is for you.

NOTE: It is best to take your glasses into an optical for any repairs or adjustments. Trying to fix or adjust them on your own may result in damage to your frames or lenses. Proceed at your own risk.

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Here are some quick tips…

– 1. Do not use super glue unless you are 100% sure you are buying new glasses. (glue will void the warranty on the frames)
– 2. Heat plastic frames first with either warm water or with a hair dryer
– 3. Make small adjustments first and try using a pliers to help
– 4. Do not tighten screws with your hand under the frame (you could jab yourself)

Time Stamps
0:00 How to Fix Broken Glasses
0:55 How to fix broken glasses arm
1:53 How to adjust plastic frames
2:50 Using super glue to fix glasses
3:23 How to fix broken glasses hinge at home
4:28 How to put lenses into glasses
4:41 semi-rimless glasses frames
5:42 how to adjust glasses

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About this video: Want to know how to fix your broken glasses? Glasses can easily be broken so I wanted to share some eye glasses life hacks about fixing glasses. Whether it is a broken glasses arm or a broken glasses frame, plastic or metal, or even a semi-rimless – we got you covered. Additionally, If you are a person who likes to do it yourself or likes diy projects, you should check out this video.

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  1. 🔴🔴 So which part of this video did you find MOST helpful? Any other tips of your own?

  2. This is a video that drags on and wastes time with useless explanations. I hope your life drags on like that too.

  3. Thank you!! Electrical tape works!! 🎉❤

  4. I watched the whole video to find out how to repair the situation depicted in the thumbnail and came away empty handed.

  5. Absolutely spot on but din work for me maybe in someway but i still feel my glasses always falling down my nose and if i adjust nosepads those are uncomfortable then. Also, i hope glasses by using electrical tape would get fixed coz i have broken glass frames

  6. I hate that things like this happen during the weekends/or afterhours.

  7. Lining up the screw is the hardest part

  8. Oculus Reparo does the trick as well

  9. wow thank you doctor!! I watched first few minutes of the video, got a motivation and slightly pushed the handle inwards, and it clicked into place!! I was very worried and thinking about going to the optician but ur video gave me the motivation that maybe I can fix it at home myself so thank you for that! ☺❤

  10. Okay this didn't answer my question.
    What do you do if the arm slides off the hinge and the screw is still in the hinge part connected to the lense part of the frame? I can slide it back in that hole but it just comes right back out.

  11. The bottom part of the hinge on my glasses broke😢I’m definitely trying that dental floss trick, but I don’t have any so I’m just gonna use some thread. Wish me luck!🤞🏾🍀

  12. How about a srew was broken cut into 2 how to remove the end part stock on it

  13. thanks for the video. if the glasses are made of acetate, would you be better off using acetone instead of super glue?

  14. I dropped my phone on my head broke them

  15. Its not trye that you can go to any optical eyewear store and they will assist you. They unless you purchased the glasses from them. This sucks when it comes to ordering online as no one will help you fix anything. Maybe others had different experiences but I travelled to three other cities asking every eye glass store for help being denied over the simply fact "you didn't buy these here, sorry"

  16. Mine broke during a seizure right before I started my new job 😭 so now I start training tomorrow with a lump of tape on the side of my glasses 😭😭

  17. My glasses just broke when I got done making up my bed now I got to go to the eye doctor tomorrow to get them repaired🤦🏾‍♂️

  18. Omggg…thank you so much for this. Actually, my little cousin broke it and i was not able to fix it. But after seeing this video, my glasses are now fixed but temporary but it is very helpful. Once again thanks a lot.

  19. 6:22 yes…i know it before…also thank you.

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