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How to FIX an UGLY Lawn with RESULTS – Step by Step for Beginners EASY

Get the lawn you want! Get rid of your ugly bad looking lawn. YES you can do it yourself. See my lawn that I renovated in place and transformed it. I show you step by step with easy to follow directions that will teach you how to renovate your own lawn without wiping it out and create a beautiful lawn without spending a lot of money. Unlike other videos I show you the RESULTS that YOU can DO YOURSELF.

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Walk Behind Mower: https://amzn.to/33cKrL0

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  1. Thank you for watching my video Links: Grass Seed: https://amzn.to/2yE4Drq – Starter Fertilizer: https://amzn.to/2KySZn2 – Tenacity Weed Control: https://amzn.to/2yRzJfl FOR even BETTER PRICES on Tenacity check my description for links

  2. wow americans prefer cancer to weeds
    dreadful culture

  3. When I use tenacity to kill to weed, how long do I wait , so I can start doing Aerate ?

  4. Man you even made the trees greener! 🤩 please tell me its not just a filter

  5. So with all these steps, how many weeks does this usually take?

  6. Thanks for making this video! I think I’ve found my home. I have a few questions will the tenacity also get rid of moss? I have an area with moss and weeds/clovers.
    Second question after aeration and putting grass seed how do you know if you should put starter fertilizer or regular fertilizer?

  7. Can you use tenacity in a flower bed?

  8. After using tenacity and the weeds are dead and everything is white…do I pull up all of the dead, white weeds or do I go right into aeration with leaving the white weeds where they are?

  9. So should I dethater the yard to get the hay away or just aerate

  10. This is what my texas bermuda grass looks like right now. I'm trying to fix it but I want to start in spring.

  11. This was very helpful! My lawn and landscaping beds got away from me this year so I’m trying to end the season on a high note.

  12. Following this video .. hope I get great results! Wish there was a way we can add before and after pics

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  14. What weedeater are using in this video

  15. This is exactly what I needed. My lawn here in Houston is just dead, burnt, crunchy and bare spots. We've had zero rain almost all summer. My lawn needs help and I had no idea what to do. Definitely trying this.

  16. This is disgustingly rich people problems and solutions

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