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How To Bypass Any Android Lockscreen Without Password 2020

Use this dr.fone tool ( https://bit.ly/2VBGsoo) helps to remove Android screen lock when you forgot
Android password.

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  1. wait dont we have to pay for it

  2. Have my uncle phone just died I don't know pin,so want unlock ,how unlock

  3. Sooooooo basically you don't need the software (which you have to pay for unless you download a torrent file of Dr phone) because you can do what wondershare just did by pressing combo keys on your Android and factory resetting it! I also found it a little funny that he didn't mention the part about having to purchase the program

  4. You don't need the software to do this

  5. so you need to pay for it to tell you how to reset it. you can't just restart it and hold the power and volume buttons to put it into recovery mode

  6. I don't see a link to check if my phone is unlockable without Erasing data

  7. Thank you so much for offering us this awesome tool! It's much better than booting directly into recovery by a special key combo. You are a genius!!

  8. this softeware is useless ;; how much did they pay you … they just tell u what to do like any one can tell u either

  9. Bro this shi useless on Sony xperia XZ1 lmao

  10. Robbers watching this be like:😮🤫

  11. Fake doesn't work. You need to pay a whole bunch of money upfront and so it doesn't work. If youtube hadn't disabled the downvote button, I would've saved myself so much time.

  12. Lol this is the most stupid video I have clicked on. The right title should be how to factory reset your phone and the whole process of downloading the PC software is just bullshit and waste of time

  13. Why u don't inform ppl that is paid for that?

  14. Why are you shilling for that "dr fone" bullshit?
    You need the money that bad, or you just dont give a shit?

  15. Its asking for pricing etc, what can I do? Help

  16. Is this comment to a female or is this comment to the guy who's explaining the computer problem

  17. I can jst do that without the damn 😂 software that's useless mn …

  18. 👆 if it doesn't work contact👆👆He can get your phone unlocked without loosing data
    He is fast, secure and relieble

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