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This is one of the most common tips given for skiers building confidence with their short turns and bumps skiing!

When done correctly, it can be extremely useful.
However, when misinterpreted and executed poorly, you are opening yourself up to a whole new set of challenges, likely to send you backwards instead of forwards…

We met up with Level 4 BASI Examiner Tom Waddington and asked him to break this tip down and stop any confusion associated with this Tip.
Specifically, Tom takes a detailed look at where exactly upper-lower body separation should happen and pointed out some of the common misconceptions/examples of poor/bad separation.
To help you improve on your next ski trip, Tom suggests a good drill with a few variations, so you can start to get a feeling for better leg rotation and better separation.

Enjoy the video and please leave a comment if you have any questions about this topic!

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Skier: Tom Waddington | IG: @tomwaddington_skier
Ski resort: Sölden, Tyrol, AUSTRIA
Music Licensed by Music Bed: MB016G8PPY3DLH6


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0:00 – Shoulders down the hill – What’s the big deal
01:11 – Where should you separate from?
01:53 – Ski Drill: The plow wiggle
03:02 – Drill variations
04:08 – Take these feelings to your short turns
05:02 – Watch more skiing content!



  1. This video is a keeper. Terrific, clear instructions from start to finish on an important fundamental movement.

  2. yes, dont be a "dalek"!

  3. In coming skiers impale themselves on discarded ski poles. 😂

  4. I love his way of teaching😁🤾🏽‍♀️

  5. #TomWaddington – not saying you are wrong but in the plough wiggle the whole of your upper body followed the skis round the turn so please explain where the separation is?

  6. Damn, this is me… Thanks for the tip!

  7. TIP: keep your hands and shoulders the same angle as your ski tips. ie: If your turning left your right ski tip will be behind your left ski tip, try to keep your hands and shoulders the same angle.

  8. Your hips are moving right and left with your skies at 2:40

  9. EXTERMINATE-The Daleks 🤣

  10. The language is messy here. He doesn’t do a good job of distinguishing between the hip sockets, hips, waist and spine regarding the different options of rotary up and down the chain. Technically, it is not the hip but the hip sockets and not the waist but the spine that actually is performing the rotary motor patterns being discussed. These are the relevant biomechanics that make the differences discussed in this video and a misunderstanding that will continue to plague a students ongoing dev.

  11. Lol at the dalek reference

  12. That was an incredibly helpful video !! Thank you ! Going to get Carv for next season for sure.

  13. I am guilty of this!!! thanks for explaining the correct technique! looking forward to trying to get better!

  14. This is a typical traditional method with leg steering that will never get you to proper counteracting. This instructor obviously doesn't understand biomechanics.

  15. You raise an important issue of communication. One of the problems many of us have in learning to ski is that we take what instructors say at face value and, unless the context is specified, assume the advice applies to all skiing always. So "keep the shoulders down the hill", to us, means exactly that. So we can become fixated as you rightly point out but that is because we are trying to do what instructors have told us. It strikes me that instructors often score 10 out of 10 for skiing but only 3 out of 10 for clear communication. As many Brits try to learn from foreign language instructors that often makes things worse. Having said that, your vid is a welcome clarification and I think a lot of YT content is now improving in this regard. Also I notice that, like many disciplines, skiing has recruited various words to mean very specific things in a skiing context and instructors sometimes forget that pupils do not necessarily know this lexicon. So 'shorten the inside ski', with a saw presumably? 'Soften' the leg, with a mallet? etc. Bit of a rant but not aimed at you so please don't take it personally!

  16. Bravo majstore, bas si se potrudio pomoci nama amaterima kako napraviti skolski zaokret. 👏

  17. Profesjonalista ! 0:30 ! Ok! + 5….Pozdrowienia z Pol-ski

  18. The highlight of this video for me is the shift in technique at 4:33 from jerky hockey stop turns to letting legs and feet edge and carve and follow the ski radius through each turn, flowing seamlessly from one to the other.

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