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How to Fix Damaged Buried Electric Wire – Cheap & Easy

Wire damage can be one of the most difficult repairs you can have when dealing with an underground wire until NOW. See the easiest way to repair underground wire damage, CHEAP & EASY if you know the trick for perfect results. Forget Wire nuts, Wagos & Electric Tape.

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  2. Why can't you use this in a home? What would you use in the home?

  3. Awesome video! Thank you for posting. Where did you buy this product?

  4. Can you use this on irrigation wire?

  5. Why are you using surgical gloves. Those won't help you in any way shape or form.

  6. Gotta love the tip "make sure you match up the wires" (when connecting the other side of the splice…)

    I know. It HAD to be said. 😅Otherwise… Make sure you're looking away from the box when you flip that breaker back on.

  7. That cable isn't rated for direct burial. Underground feeder cable is grey.

  8. Always great content. Thank you. Keep up the good work

  9. And when your done it will look like a ferrite choke!

  10. Excellent video. Thanks for taking the time!

  11. Dude sounds like NONE OF MY FRIENDS!

  12. Des Ding ist Streng Verboten bitte nicht nachmachen!!!

  13. Well first of any underground lines should have sheathing suitable or like most people run it through conduit piping

  14. The type of cable this guy is using is regular Romex cable designed for use in walls, this stuff should never be buried underground

  15. dont use a blowtorch or recommend the use for it. its called heat shrink, not melt shrink.

  16. hmm, next time, if ya want to open a crimped cable you can do it in a way more logical way. Another thing, you cut way way too deep with the knife. The trick is to only go 50% through the outer layer. If you want to remove a crimp, make a cut 50% through the thickness of the wall all along the crimp, and then use the heat gun to heat it up again. The crimp will tighten and open up along the cut u made, super easy! Done, my smartass electrician tip of today.

  17. Be cautious with the blade for one and the torch for two. You definitely scorched the h.s. Tube on the sides. The defect is visible in the video. The adhesive kinda saves it here (sorta) but I can tell you as someone who is WHMA certified that I would classify this as defect class 1,2,and 3. I definitely don’t recommend the hack and slash method for any electrical repair. The splice kit is pretty interesting but be sure to know the circuit and how many amps you’re pulling and compare that to the rating of the kit. If you own the home it’s your business but if you’re renting definitely get the landlord to make a professional assessment and repair.

  18. The most amazing thing about this contraption is that it uses shallow flathead screws. Why would anyone still use flathead screws? What's next, rolling up to the jobsite in a steam-powered car like 'whaddup I'm a hipster you just don't get me' ?

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