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10 COMMON Intermediate Player Mistakes In SF6 And How To Fix Them (Guide/Tutorial)

In this video, I go over what I find to be the 10 most common mistakes intermediate players make in Street Fighter 6 and how you can fix them to quickly level up and improve your rank.

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Intro 00:00
1) OD AA 00:20
2) burning yourself out 01:15
3) not blocking 01:49
4) high risk, low reward 02:41
5) walking into corner 03:11
6) jump back vs grapplers 03:43
7) neutral jump in corner 04:12
8) not buffering drive rush 04:44
9) not using drive rush enough 05:09
10) cornering yourself with a combo 05:40
Outro 06:24

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  1. I saved the subtitles as a subtitle file this time, so hit the CC button if you need them!

  2. bonus tip even for players in MR: take the throw when you’re in the corner. it’s not worth the risk trying to avoid 1200 dmg, rather than taking 2k-5k dmg trying to tech a throw. drive rush combos do dmg PLUS punish counter damage is insane. you gain. meter back while being thrown too. TAKE THE THROW

  3. But if I burn myself to get that 40-60 percent…. I get to show off the fruits of training mode

    -Low diamond Ken/Honda

  4. My biggest mistake was picking Manon and trying to fight Chun-Li and Luke

  5. I think one of the biggest one is random DI's. If you're winning I feel like you shouldn't risk doing random DI's since if it gets countered the round can turn the other way.

  6. Amazing work! You definetely should make a second video on that topic! Subscribing now.

  7. Good stuff! One question on drive rushing on KD. Maybe this is a character specific thing, but I generally don't drive rush on knockdown against characters with OD DP (Juri, Ken, Ryu, Guile, etc…a lot of the cast) if they've plenty drive. I used to do it a lot as Manon and I personally find I just get OD DP'ed every single time easily on react, like it wasn't even something my opponent had to guess, all they had to do was look for the green flash and bob's your uncle. The only KD I could find from labbing and researching that was safe from this was from cr.HK (universal sweep), anything else seemed like was an easy gimme green flash react for my opponent if they weren't low on drive. Am I…doing this wrong? Cause now I just don't ever drive rush on kd unless they're low on drive or it's a character like Honda or Dhalsim where I don't have to worry about it…

  8. honestly? i make a lot of these mistakes lmfao. good guide, you really cut me down to size XD

  9. These tips can be applied for other fighting games too, thanks Chris. Miss your KOF videos 😢

  10. Really helpful. I gotta stop neutral jumping in the corner, of course there's very little benefit if it works! Why didn't I realize this! Thanks for a great breakdown.

  11. Good video, I was definitely guilty or number 5, as I try not to go HAM and to play smart, I found myself in the corner often and getting randomized by throw loops and random players.

  12. I’m glad to say a lot of what you listed are things I’ve already been thinking about on how to improve. I’m been bad about walking myself into corners as I charge Chun fireballs. Thanks for the video!

  13. Lets fkin gooo chris ! 🚬

  14. Just wanted to let you know that I’m loving the content! Keep it up

  15. I am stuck in Platinum for a while and I admit that I have made most of these mistake – also, it takes a lot of practice to implement them and other in-fight strategies.

  16. Buffering drive rush is not that great. 3 bars for what is usually nothing more than a mix-up is terrible. I've seen so many people lose games over this, even in tournament

  17. I need tips on what to do as a grappler when players know to just jump out of everything, but I suspect the answer is "pick another character". 🙁

  18. KOF MUSIC! what a surprise mate! is it Arashi No Saxophone? "Cool Jam".-

  19. Agree with all of these, but I ain’t gonna stop going for high-risk options lol

    Win or lose, if it’s fun I’ll go for it outside of a competitive setting

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