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How To Fix a Leaking Frost Proof Faucet | DIY Plumbing

How To Fix a Leaking Frost Proof Faucet can save you money. This is a great DIY project. Fixing a valve and repairing a frost proof faucet can save you money. This is a job a lot of plumbers run into, and Homeowners fear, especially during or after winter. So today we’re going to talk about how to repair a frost proof faucet that is Leaking or replace it!

How Pro Plumbers Replace Frost Proof Faucets – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ken6iYx0Y1g&t=415s

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  1. If home inspectors try to fix everything they come across, we have to charge twice as much. Plus our insurance doesn't cover repairs.

  2. Love the video, but I fell even before the first hurdle. The screw holding the handle on was so rusted in that I ended up shearing it off (despite copious WD40). The weird thing is that even though the whole screw head come off, complete with its flange, the handle was still secured fast (I expected to it just fall off).
    I would drill the rest of the screw out but..while their is stopcock inside the house just before the faucet connection to isolate it, that stopcock also shows signs of copper corrosion and is also stuck fast, so I have to shut the water off for the whole house to work on this. Time to call a professional!

  3. Horrible video work. When you're talking about details you don't ZOOM UP and show them. No one wants to see you or your studio, they want to see WHAT YOU'RE DOING.

  4. Very good I am dum on these

  5. Great video! My frost free faucet drips water after it's closed. I tried to replace washer inside. I can loose the nut that holds the stem to the body of the tap but I'm not able to pull out the stem. Is there any trick to pull it out? Thanks

  6. To make this video better, I think it needs to show a close up of the unit instead of the speaker.

  7. You were dead right just fixed mine thanks saved me a bunch of work !!!

  8. As a homeowner, the biggest problem I had was not watching this video first! I ended up breaking the handle off from the rod by overtightening it with channel lock pliers when the water wouldn't shut off (the plier method let me turn off/on the water about 3 times before the snap). Now I need to cut a hole in the drywall of my bedroom closet to get to the other end of the Frost Proof and replace the entire thing!

  9. frost proof is junk. buy a straight shut off valve

  10. Why does soundsy so difficult

  11. Homeowners. I replaced the entire unit. Mine was soldered. Clearance and space was my biggest challenge.

  12. The soldered vs. threaded is a a big issue fore me. The valve is barely holding in place. I think that I have to change the entire faucet (house built in the 70s). They routed the pipes in cement blocks. I have no indoor access beside breaking the wall! I am thinking of inserting one of these tiny cameras? Would that tell me anything?

  13. Great content. I'm here because I have already ordered a repair kit. I have Prier frost-proofs which has a plastic packing nut that won't tighten anymore to stop it from leaking. It probably needs the packing to be replaced. The packing nut should be a metal in my opinion. I'm glad that I'm a jack-of-all-trades or I would be broke with all the home repairs that need to be done. I have training in auto mechanics, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, water, and wastewater treatment and even swimming pools thanks partly to my USAF training in Civil Engineering and also my past City employment, and I have since retired as a Utilities Director for a private community.

  14. I have a frost proof in my barn and I tried to replace it but it looks like they cut it to a custom length. Your tips and someone else’s show me how I might be able to fix it without a full replacement.

  15. I can’t even unscrew the screw to get to the washer even with an adjustable plier/wrench. Such a poorly designed rod from LASCO

  16. Nice job — very well done.

  17. you saved me hundreds of dollars!

  18. Can you identify the brand (and model if possible) of the second style sillcock with tan cap and knob shown in the video at 2:22? That's the one I have to replace.

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