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How to fix a zip puller that came out – how to fix a faulty zipper on a pencil bag



  1. Thanks for sharing this video🙏 it helps me alot

  2. I just tried this. I followed each step to the T and the zip broke to two when doing the zip opening bit. :#

  3. So well explained. Thankyou . It seems some one would rather throw the bag than learn a skill. I wish that person throws his or her expensive jacket.😊

  4. Thank you very much😊

  5. thank you but ur tutorial just made the string worse and know i cannot fix it ever again

  6. Fixed the zipper on my luggage. Thank you so much!!!

  7. by the time your pencil case is all worn out and dirty i might as well just get a new one instead of spending time and money fixing it tbh they aren't that expensive 🤷🏻‍♂

  8. Too time consuming i will just get another jacket

  9. Many thanks to you😊fixed!!

  10. Thank you very much. Very useful.

  11. Thank you so much. Your tips helped to mend my grandson school bag today. God bless you. ❤

  12. Vi más de 5 tutoriales y el tuyo fue el mejor, muchísimas gracias❤❤❤❤ ya lo arreglé

  13. It doesn't work but it breaked my zipper

  14. I tried for 2 hours to do this and the zipper pull ended up breaking in half 😭

  15. 太感谢了,跟着您的视频居然把枕套的拉链给修好了❤

  16. 10/10! But my neck hurts ˙◠˙

  17. my zipper broke and then my zipper broke even worse after using the pliers. now its unfixable

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