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Brownells – How to Fix Light Rust on a Gun

This is a video demonstration how to repair and stop light rust on your firearm.



  1. Will solvent remove the bluing from the receiver or on the frame revolver?

  2. Holy hell i didnt know brownells had a youtube presence this far back

  3. I have a kimber campguard in 10mm and when I saw the small bits of rust on the right side of the frame and in the mag well I about pooped my shorts considering the fact that it’s a $1400 gun😂

  4. My wife took our Mossberg 500 18" barrel to Alaska loaded with slugs this past September for bear protection while I was hunting moose. It rained on us for days and I treated our firearms with Renaissance wax but in the end there was dark orange rust I was unable to remove with an oiled patch. A patch with Hoppes solvent and 0000 steel wool with Hoppes has the shotgun looking like new. Thank you so much for this video!

  5. Left my guns in hard cases for only a week and they all got pitted rust on the barrels…. 4000 dollars down the fucking drain. No one said cases are bad and I dont have a safe or money to get a safe at the moment. Basically domt buy guns if u cant get a safe. Or just wait till ur 30 or 40 and dont get 5 guns when your 19 because apparently I'm a dumbass

  6. I just use 0000 steel wool dry, it works fine, doesn’t mess with the finish that I can see, just be gentle, eats rust. Not for pitting, but everything else is fine. Even pitting cleans up, but obviously it is still pitted.

  7. Brownells 1939-2024 RIP…We will miss you !!! Corn by one's onw bushel.

  8. I have light rust on older colt python, would 0000 steel wool and oil work ?

  9. What grease or oil is best for protecting the bore of a rifle or shotgun for long term storage? Cosmoline, perhaps? And how to apply it uniformly and thick enough? (I will clean it out before firing again.)

  10. I really like how the first thing he lists that can cause rust, is blood.

  11. Post link to products please

  12. Glad I came across this, I noticed surface rust on my guns and shotgun shells on the brass today. The only thing I can contribute it to, is humidity. I keep it in my gun safe, but not a very good gun safe, more like a glorified taller metal filing cabinet:) All I could afford a while back:) Anyway, I do keep Silica Gel Packets Desiccant Dehumidifiers packs scattered around inside the gun safe. I used 0000 fine steel wool, then wiped everything down with some Remington gun oil. Guess there's no stopping it.

  13. Buying Brownells items thru Optics Planet will result in you having no warranty on the items.

  14. How can you get light rust out of the inside of a bore though?

  15. I have a benneli supernova tactical barrel that insists on flash rusting. I found the wife's old school yellow and green sponge she keeps under the sink has a very light steel wool side that removes the rust quickly and easily with some no.9 oil without scratching the barrel at all.
    (Use a new sponge obviously.)

  16. Left my Draco in my truck for a week. Never knew humidity could be that big of a issue.

  17. i've been having some green stuff start to show up on my guns surface it cleans off quick but keeps coming back

  18. Do NOT use Flitz on Blued surfaces!, It WILL polish right through the bluing, Bluing is nothing more than a controlled rust, I ruined the finish on a 1957 4 digit Colt Python doing what he said with Flitz, You Don't want to use ANY polish!

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