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Fix Forward Head Posture – 3 Easy Exercises (From a Chiropractor)

Grab the PDF of 5 exercises to fix your forward head posture now: https://goo.gl/CscGfh

Dr. Oliver, Chiropractor, will provide you with 3 easy to do forward head posture exercises that you can do from anywhere. Do these exercises everyday to help bring your posture into the right alignment.

Check out our article on this topic: https://backintelligence.com/how-to-fix-forward-head-posture/
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  1. feels great, although im experiencing some lower back pain after excercises, any reason for this?

  2. One thing I noticed after seeing a selfie on my Snapchat memories that was taken 5 years ago, is my neck was long and my adams apple was visible, which wasn’t the case anymore.. However after 4 days of following various posture videos and staying consistent (Yes I know I still have a long way to go) I’m starting to see my neck and adams apple come back to natural form. AND my jawline is looking more toned without me even jaw training

  3. Ching tucks are a challenging exercise at first but hopefully get easier

  4. If I have a squishy almost fluid sensation at the base of my skull, does that always mean something bad?

  5. Thanks. But if I am on laptop everyday because of work then can I do this exercise even after my neck posture is corrected or should I stop the exercise after completing it?

  6. My neck apparently got messed up because of the new pillow I got. I never realized it until 2 months later. I hope this will work

  7. Thank you for these🙏👍

  8. The method I am using is whenever I breathe in, I imagine my wings spreading, and when I breathe out, my head floats up and my spine straightens out. Inhale, expand, exhale ascend. I’ve also noticed when I cross my arms for comfort, it puts me in that forward hunched position, so that’s something else to be aware of.

  9. I've been doing the YWLT for a year now and my neck no longer hurts. I do a variation: I hold each position for a count of 30, 3 times a week. After a year of doing this, my upper back and chest are much stronger and my neck pain is gone because my posture is straight and I stand up straight. It's an amazing change that makes feel much better about myself and more confident about how I look at 70. It has led to many related adjustments. When I look down, for example when cooking, I keep my cervical spine straight and bend my head. This exercise has been life-changing and for that, I am so grateful.

  10. I really LIKE this! Could yo please send the video?

  11. I really like this video (Forward Head Posture) but I don’t know how to send it (I have tried many times

  12. I LIKE this—I want to fix my own Forward Head Posture but I don’t know how to don’t know how to send it! I have tried many times!

  13. Thank you so much. Caught a glance of myself in a window reflection and was shocked how Much my head went forward and shoulders rounded.
    I am only 69.5 years old and pride myself, I walk everyday. Well when I saw myself in that reflection, have started stretches and these exercises for my forward head and rounded shoulders and yes after just a week noticing a difference. Thank you!

  14. I caught sight of myself on my new Ring doorbell. I was shocked to see how forward my head was and how rounded my back has become! After a lifetime as a secretary and driver, I guess it took a toll on me. I have suffered for years with increasing neck, shoulder, and back pain!
    I shall adopt a new habit of performing these exercises regularly through the day!
    Thank you! 😊

  15. Holy f**k, that last one! I thought it will never end. My arms went numb.

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