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How HDCP Work and How to Bypass it

You can order the Audio Extractor that bypass HDCP here : https://geni.us/HdmiAudioExtractor
(Note that some report it doesn’t work for them. It may not work for the very latest devices. As HDMI evolve, bypass method need to evolve to.)
Filmed with these cameras :

My microphone
For voice over : https://geni.us/ZoomH5hr
Camera microphone : https://geni.us/RODEvidmic
Clip Mic : https://geni.us/tasdr10l

My favorite Lens : https://geni.us/GM24mm14

Follow that link to have a deeper look to all the gear I use to make my videos : https://www.pascalmarquis.com/mygear

Also please take a look at my main YouTube Channel : http://bit.ly/YouTubePMA

I use that service to optimize my affiliate links : https://geni.us/GeniusRef

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  1. I have this working fine for picture but am getting no audio, am I doing something wrong or do I have a faulty gadget? Using hdmi in and out set to pass…

  2. This video is 3 years old but I can confirm for anyone that is still looking this worked for me. I tried splitters and they did not work. Thanks so much for this video…

  3. I know the shit is so annoying I have a new roku box an it popped up

  4. Planned obsolescence with a 4 letter acronym name. Easy as that.

  5. i have a LG C2 connected to my pc through a hdmi 2.1 8K cable. My gpu is rtx 3080. I cant get 4k on netflix

  6. Perfect thanks. I managed to find the exact device you recommended here in Thailand 😁😁😁

  7. So you need 2 HDMI cables to use this converter/splitter?

  8. Do you have any suggestions that would be able to allow us to bypass the HDCP issues when attempting to screen mirror? I’m not using a HDMI because I’m attempting to cast from my phone to a projector

  9. Can you get ur hdmi converter to connect to iPhone somehow

  10. I'm trying to connect an Apple phone that has a Netflix app and stream it into a projector. I'm getting sound but no picture is coming through. I got an hdcp error code. I was told an HDMI splitter would solve my problem but I'm not sure????

  11. I install tv/hsd and had this issue today. I had to tell the customer there nothing I can do. It's stupid because if you unplug hdmi and plug back in it will go away. But when you switch input and go back it will go to hdcp error on the stream box provided by isp. It rarely happens but on older tvs this happens probably due to no hdcp in the TV. The lady would have to get a new TV just to use it. Boy was she pissed.

  12. HDCP, the solution against piracy that pirates found ways to bypass within 2 weeks of it being deployed… and for the ones that do know what they are doing, they bypassed it immediately because they're not even using what HDCP is supposed to protect in the first place.
    Meanwhile, normal users just struggle with it and often are screwed over by it.
    Not only useless, but actively deficient.

  13. I don't even know what is hdcp and I have connect very old HDMI TV's in my computer and never had a problem

  14. Hello, i’am off the grid with NO wifi connection. I bought a HDMI Mirroring AV Cable Phone to TV HDTV Adapter 1080P For my iPhone 8 works great for online movies, photos, tiktok even youtube. But i get BLACK SCREEN when i want to see a movie from Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Will this adapter solve my problem?

  15. This one specified Apple TV would you recommend one for Samsung tv?
    I have the Roku HDCP error.
    I have sound and everything except for the actual picture.

  16. hi thanks for the great video explaining everything but will this device allow me to record any app like e.g apple tv content directly from my tv

  17. I have a EZCLIP Gamedock ultra, and I am unsure as to how to get my ps4 to get into that video capturer.

  18. I can play my blue-ray hooked up to the receiver and the receiver hooked up to the 4K roku TV. But my computer, it won't work, I have to hook the computer directly to the 4K TV.

    The sound of the blueray goes through the HDMI output connected to the TV and not through the optical.
    The streaming channels from the TV goes through optical cord and it is inomparibly awesome compare to the blueray.
    Watching Youtube throuigh the computer connected to the TV, neither the display nor the audio comes even close to the streaming youtube through the TV directly.

    I assume computers don't care about any hdcp stuff, I guess. I wonder if I upgrade my receiver HDCP compliant one if that would change everything? Would I be able to hook up the computer to the that receiver and get the audio through hdmi?
    I hear that HDMI audio is even more superior than optical.

  19. i bought a blu-ray device to play movies i buy, turns out it doesn't like movies with hdcp unless i plug in both it's plugs, really disappointing this extra headache i'll have to deal with with some movies now

  20. So it still works? Can it handle 4k 60hz?

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