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27+ Life-Changing Mixing Tips to Fix EVERY Mix | + Update

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Hey, guys – FL Studio Tips is now Mix Elite.
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In this tutorial, we break down essential audio engineering techniques for fixing each range of the frequency spectrum (human hearing range). showing you how to mix your Sub for that earth-shaking rumble every track needs, tackle Bass and Low-Mid to clear out muddiness for a cleaner mixdown, and balance your Mid frequencies for a polished, professional sound.

We’ll cover techniques to enhance High-Mid presence, ensuring your mix has the clarity and punch no matter your style. I’ll guide you through achieving crystal-clear Highs for that studio-quality sparkle in your final master export.

Whether you’re into making hip-hop beats or crafting the next EDM anthem, this video is packed with production tips to elevate your music mixing skills. Every tip and trick is for producers aiming to master the art of mixing and mastering no matter the DAW, from FL Studio, Ableton Live to Logic Pro X.

Let’s dive in and turn your home studio into a hit factory.

0:00 – Addressing the Rumors
1:38 – Sub Frequency Control: The Groundwork of Greatness
3:38 – Bassline Brilliance: Crafting the Core of Your Sound
6:00 – Low-Mid Magic: Clarity Where It Counts
8:00 – Midrange Mastery: The Power of Presence
12:00 – High-Mid Articulation: Cutting Through the Mix
14:00 – Sparkling Highs: The Final Polish

You can use these techniques for every genre, such as dubstep, progressive house, future house, drum and bass, hip-hop, RnB, bass house, deep house, hard trap & many more!

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Happy producing!
Max from Mix Elite (formerly FL Studio Tips, FLTips)



  1. How is that sidechain done in 2:25?

  2. It’s been a long time !!

  3. We missed you man our best tutor

  4. Dude long time πŸ˜…πŸ˜… welcome

  5. This is dopeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for sure , Thanks for each tips , It took me years to learn this . I'm so happy to subscribe for you . And I am wondering you make detailed video like this one on stereo imaging.

  6. Your videos are so well researched, I always learn something new.

  7. please update fl so i can see the heatmap everytime i open eq, it is really annoying to turn it on everytime

  8. I noticed you have your parametric eq 2 named as 1parametric eq 2, i do the same thing to keep it on top of my plugin list πŸ˜‚

  9. Can't access the "Goodies/freebie" it's saying "You must be a member of Mix Elite Premium to access this page"

  10. "You’ll be charged on
    Nov 13. Cancel anytime before."

    Charged how much? You never tell. You even have a FAQ that fails to answer the most important question.

    How much AFTER the free trial?

  11. I've never been more happy to see and upload in my life, I almost cried

  12. Good to see you back. Be nice to see some mixing tutorials aimed directly at drum & bass and Jungle music πŸ‘Š

  13. The legend Max is back ❀

  14. Good video!

    I would like to mention that there is no right or wrong when talking about making music. Other people on youtube like Zen world (evosounds) learned me to listen to your ears and use reference tracks. trust the process and 'just' listen.

    And what about mixing low frequencies in mono to lessen the muddiness?

  15. finally! A video without the AI voice that's used in basically every single commercial and low effort video on youtube (not saying yours was that – but it's just the go-to voice for literally every short form / ai generated vid on YT these days)

  16. What’s the name of the song?

  17. broooo i was looking your video yesterday and your back at it lesgooooo

  18. This is all very helpful. I'm not doing any of this though. Soft clipper and calling it a day lol.

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