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How to bypass google account on Samsung galaxy Amp 2 sm-j120 and others Samsung's galaxy's 100%

How to bypass google account on Samsung galaxy Amp 2 100% working

link for download file



  1. Yea no no es file explorer on there and couldnt find the website had to find another

  2. Will this work for Samsung j7 prime?

  3. I can’t swipe left after dialing 112, there is no other screen for the web!

  4. How do I know which files I should download, or do I just go by what you downloaded?

  5. I Open the browser but cannot install anything after I download I get no option to install it, and Chrome has no option to go to downloads so how can I install anything I download? ( I dont get the notification after the download finishes)

  6. Muchas gracias mi hermano respecto

  7. Thnx, ive had the phone for so long and i finally got an sd card
    Edit: i unlocked with an sd card in less than two minutes guys its super easy

  8. YES! This method works. The key is to make sure the required apps are already on your SD card. Thanks man!

  9. Bro, Worked like a charm I'm so thankful for your video.. thanks again.

  10. Dude you are soooo a gangsta!!!

  11. I hope this is fake cus thats fucked up who would try this

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