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How to Fix SD Card Not Detected / Showing Up / Recognized? [Windows 10/8/7]

How to recover files from corrupted SD card? https://bit.ly/38wXj20

Today’s video is going to help you resolve SD card not detected/showing up issue in Windows 10/8/7. Get the direct solutions via the timestamps or follow the text guides below.

Solution 1: Check SD Card on Another Device 1:23s
Solution 2: Change the SD Card Drive Letter 2:25s
Solution 3: Run CHKDSK and Fix SD Card Errors 3:20s
Solution 4: Update SD Card Drivers 4:16s
Solution 5: Use an Antivirus to Check for Malware Attack 4:55s
Bonus: How to recover data from corrupted SD Card? 5:49s

How to Fix SD Card Not Detected / Showing Up / Recognized on Windows 10/7/8

There are several possible reasons that might trigger this issue of SD Card not detected, such as Poor Connection between PC and SD Card, Outdated SD Card Drivers, Damaged/Corrupt File System on SD Card, or Missing Drive Letter for SD Card. Fortunately, it’s not one of the critical issues and can be fixed easily. So, let us quickly take you through some workable solutions that will help you fix the “SD card not showing up” issue in Windows 7/8/10.

Solution 1: Check SD Card on Another Device

When your SD card is not reading, the first thing that you should do is to test the SD card on a different device. Testing your card on a different PC/smartphone would explain if you’re dealing with a damaged SD card or not. In case other devices are successfully recognizing the SD card, try replacing the SD card adapter you are using.

Solution 2: Change the SD Card Drive Letter

Step 1: Press Windows+X and click on “Disk Management”. Alternatively, you can open the Run dialog box and type “diskmgmt.msc” to open Disk Management.
Step 2: Right-click the SD Card partition and select “Change Drive Letter and Path”.
Step 3: Click “Add” to assign a letter to the SD Card.

Solution 3: Run CHKDSK and Fix SD Card Errors

Step 1: Launch Command Prompt as the Administrator. You can do this by typing “cmd” in the Run dialog box.
Step 2: Once you’re in the CMD window, execute the CHKDSK command, i.e., chkdsk H: / f. Make sure to replace “H” with your SD card’s letter.
CHKDSK will scan the SD card for bad partitioning and will automatically fix the issue.

Solution 4: Update SD Card Drivers

Step 1: Press “Windows + X” and click “Device Manager”.
Step 2: Expand the “Disk Drives” option and right-click the SD card driver.
Step 3: Click “Update Driver” and the system will automatically start looking for the most suitable drivers.

Solution 5: Use an Antivirus to Check for Malware Attack

If none of the previous methods helped you and the SD card is still not showing up Windows 10, your SD card is most likely dealing with a malware attack. In this case, you can install a third-party Antivirus program to detect and remove viruses from the SD card.

Bonus: How to recover data from corrupted SD Card?

Step 1: Connect SD card and get Recoverit launched and select the SD card’s location.
Step 2: Tap “Start” and it will start scanning the SD card for deleted files.
Step 3: Once the scanning process ends, you’ll see a list of deleted files. Select to preview the file and click Recover to retrieve the files from the SD card.

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  1. Installed the free trial and it doesn't even let you try all the features, then when trying to uninstall it I kept getting pop-ups for their sight and other products. Why would I pay for something I can't try out when there are so many other options that are just as good, or better, than this one without the nagging

  2. I have a problem where I tried to back up my data from a micro sd card in my digital recorder. When I tried to open the folder, it said it couldn't open because it may have been moved or deleted.

  3. The first solution fixed it, thank you so much!

  4. my pc keeps burning out sd card readers a few days after being plugged in. I know something unusual is happening, 2 different sd card readers now not working on anything I plug it into, my phone or pc now. Its a new custom gaming pc

  5. What if it doesn’t let you assign another drive letter

  6. Thanks so much! Assigning a drive letter fixed my problem! So glad I don't have to buy new SD card readers 😁😁

  7. 2023 and were using tiny SD cards in weak holders that wobble around.

  8. Sd card is not showing on my phone.
    But when i plugin it to my laptop via card reader it appears for a second and disappears immediately…

  9. Thank you very much. It was a problem with letter. Good luck bro

  10. im triying to download somthing but it keeps on failing any tips?

  11. Thank you. I no longer have to have an sd reader plugged in via USB.

    I had to open up Disk Management and assign a drive letter to get a specific SD card to work. Other cards worked and this one even worked in a usb sd reader so I knew it must be something in windows.

  12. Thank you so much. Very helpful content.

  13. You ever think while copying moves off you laptop and something pops up and you didnt read it but reacted to it you might have done something you have no clue and nothing here is being brought up son

  14. Hi my files show up as RAW files and do not show on recoverit?

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