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How to Fix Dell Keyboard Not Working (Official Dell Tech Support)

How to Fix Dell Keyboard Not Working : If you’re having trouble with your keyboard (when using it from within inside Windows) try the following steps which resolve most common keyboard issues.

0:00 Intro
0:10 Check outside OS
1:06 Test inside BIOS
1:40 Utilize Virtual Keyboard
1:57 Optimize System
2:20 Check inside Safe Mode
3:18 Update System BIOS

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  2. Hi, I have windows 11 home edition, and there is no manage bitlocker option in it, how do I proceed with updating BIOS.

  3. On my dell vostro laptop, keys are not working on the board, the mousepad is working. What should i do, restarted, drivers checked and reinstalled but still no improvement..

  4. My problem is: keyboard and mouse lost at log in screen

  5. While running diagnostics(F12),I got error code 0413(LCD cable not detected) on my Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop having OS Windows 7 ultimate.Plz guide what to do.I am facing issues with internal keyboard.

  6. Fix the damn hardware problem with the g5 5000 series where the 2, W, S, X, and caps lock keys are not working!

    I’ve contacted Dell’s support team occasionally over a month, and they refuse to give any actual answer other than recycling the pc because I don’t have a warranty. None of my emails or forum messages have ever been responded to. None of the chats provide support for my pc! And last but not least, your tech support over the phone is slow and an endless cycle of bullshit!

    There was nothing wrong! Rather conveniently, this thing suddenly had keyboard issues right after the expiration date of the warranty. I know damn well this thing doesn’t need a replacement part because it is a clean computer! The keys are not stuck! This thing runs smooth! There are no software/driver errors! There was literally nothing wrong with it until the warranty expired!

    I’ve spent late nights trying to find a solution across the internet —guess what I find!— The EXACT same problem for a lot of users with the same experience! Continually people have pled for answers on Dell forums——still——NO ANSWERS!

    These products are planned obsolescent pieces of shit. If I can’t use the device for more than 2 years before it breaks itself, then I’m done buying these products. FIX THE PROBLEM!

    It has gotten worse within the past 7 days and I need a laptop for my job! I can’t do this shit! I can’t afford a new computer like you morons continue to suggest! Even if I did fancy that idea, do you really think I’ll ever buy any of your garbage after this sham? I am truly disappointed at how low you corporations are willing to go to stay relevant.

    The only option I have now is to settle for an external keyboard that I’ll have to lug around in addition to this already beefy laptop. This wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t already have a major restriction of physical storage at my place.

  7. Both SHIFT KEYS are not working. Help me 😢

  8. My laptops keyboard isn't working… Even virtual keys aren't functioning… Behaving as if CTRL is pressed… What to do?

  9. A full shutdown after an update – then waiting a few minutes helped resolve my issue.

  10. How can I use the F4 key if my keyboard isn’t working? !!!?

  11. None of this worked for me. My laptop is really old (over 10 years old), and I only use it to play music. This has happened a few times. I turn everything off, unplug it, then I take the battery out and let it sit for about 10 minutes. I put the battery back, plug it in, turn it on, and the keyboard works. I think my really old laptop just needs a few minutes to rest sometimes. Age can do that to the best of us! LOL. Not sure if that will help anyone else, but figured if you've tried everything else it can't hurt to try!

  12. What if you can't access the boot menu?

  13. yall products are shit, they always appear to have problems

  14. No clue how it happened but after restarting and going into bios and checking all the diagnostics and the computer saying everything was good…my keyboard starting working!🎉

    Had this problem for YEARS before watching YT.

  15. My problem is albeit common, kinda unique also. I have a juvenile squirrel that we rescued and will be released this next spring that jumped onto my old Dell laptop and my keyboard just stopped working. I did the research and now there's just some keys that don't work those are the b n ? 5 6 – = spacebar thus far plus on the numlock pad the 1 4 5 6 7 8. I found some threads of some people complaining about their cat causing the same problem? but im still in the dark without a solution. Thanks in advance for any help…

  16. I have a windows 11 alienware laptop. Putting my laptop in safe mode always fixes my stuck keyboard.

  17. tysm</3 i was freaking out

  18. Thanks for taking the time to share this information, I followed all the instructions, but the keyboard still doesn't work. I contacted the Dell company, and the answer was they will erase the entire laptop and recycle it because there is no solution to fix it.

  19. I bought brand new Dell G3 3779 in July 2018 and faulty keyboard was replaced in 3rd year of warranty (expired 05 Jul 2021). Intermittent functionality issues have persisted since after say 12 months of purchase and the keyboard replacement was a wasted effort. External keyboards have always worked 100%; but these are not always practical to travel with. Numerous Windows and Firmware updates have failed to address my keyboard issues. My frustrations run so high sometimes that I wish to smash this laptop against the wall, make a video and post it all over the internet……. with the caption…. DON'T BUT DELL!! I'm sorry but that is how I feel about this laptop.

  20. Press Esc 😂😂😂😂😂, how ? If the keyboard is not working 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  21. Keyboard Is not present in the list of ePSA . Dell ispiron P69G

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