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How to Fix a Zipper On One Side of the Track (Chain)


START AT 3:57 for the fix. DIY tutorial on how to fix a zipper when it’s on one side of the track or chain. Please Subscribe and Like this video if you found it helpful.

Also, if you need other zipper help , please comment below to let us know how we can help.



  1. Want to express my gratitude for helping me fix this kind of problem.

  2. Thanks a mil. Just fixed a zipper

  3. holy shit just say what i have to do god damn

  4. Fixed my extra tall boots!! Accidentally pulled the pull all the way out, while the zipper was still attached onto the bottom of my boots(shortening the boot height), thought i was going to have to unstitch the entire zipper, but i just fixed it!! Thanks!!

  5. Thank you for posting this! Super helpful. Just saved my $200 suitcase!

  6. What happens if after you do it the zipper still doesn't get on track to close the tract??

  7. My zipper broke🥺🤨😮‍💨

  8. Thanks! I had a broken zipper on my bookbag and on the very first day of school I had to close it with clothespins. It is the second day of school and as soon as I watched this video, I figured it out. Thank you!

  9. You could a black sharpie to touch up the paint on the zipper pull.

  10. Great video! Refer back to it all the time. I sometimes use a flat head screwdriver with a tapered head to pry zippers open. That works pretty well too.

  11. Thanks! I fixed ny bag!

    I like your pull has a round body. I bought a new jacket with a straight bar where the pull connects to the slider and when it pulls sideways it jambs until o can get the pull unjamned. Very frustrating for a new jacket.

  12. So the important part of the video unfortunately is not actually showing how and from what side was the zipper connected. I see hands blocking the view…

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