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How to Fix Cracks in Plastic Using a Hot Stapler

Step by Step!

Today we’ll be using a #HotStapler to fix a cracked John Deere hood, on a #GX335 riding lawn mower.

Buy it here: US/International: https://amzn.to/3H4SaAo or Canada: https://amzn.to/3ZgyIIf

This technique doesn’t fuse the plastic together like #PlasticWelding would, instead, it uses metal staples to link the 2 pieces of plastic together.

To achieve penetration into the plastic, the tool uses electrical current to heat the Stainless Steel elements (this is why they’re referred to as Hot Staples) which allows them to be pressed into the plastic.

By linking both pieces of plastic together, movement is eliminated. This increases the plastic’s structural integrity, and prevents the crack from spreading further.

Combined with plastic welding, you could hypothetically achieve a fix that’s stronger than the original plastic itself.


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  1. Well organized, your preparation well done and sthe script was well written. Very nice job. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I was looking at these, but advertized as 150W ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I wonder if theyโ€™ve bumped the power, or the marketing dept just fudged the numbers. ๐Ÿ˜…

  3. my staples arent sticking in the plastic, they just come straight back out

  4. I've seen the staples where the ends of those pins break off with just your fingers because its scored to do so. Saves time.

  5. If the "staples" are stainless steel heating it like that will cause it to rust. Something about changing the metallurgy of the metal.

  6. Or grind your end cutting nips to cut flush!

  7. Another great video. Here is a tip. To speed up the cooling process of the plastic you can use compressed air set a low psi.

  8. I have a similar one. But it also came with an accessory. As you put on. Can look like an iron roughly. With it, you level the surface so that the clamp is completely covered with plastic. And which I think enhances the repair even more. And with one, you can also use a thin metal mesh to melt into the plastic. Sometimes melt cable ties/plastic to get more material for the repair.

  9. Everyone saying they were loading it wrong well I am here to join you all I have never had a Staple Gun like this I was just about to return it to Walmart thinking it was defective but then I thought about looking up how to load a Hyper Tough Staple Gun and found this video and when he showed how to load it I said to myself WTF lol older Staple Guns were loaded from the top on the railing this is my first bottom loader.

  10. Excellent, but keep explaining. Until it's not useful, it's boring. In fact, there should be advice on how to use wire for welding at corners. What kind of wire should be used? and the suitability of many other types of wire

  11. Could you make your own staples with paperclips?
    If so, then you could shape them into whatever staple shape you want.

  12. Thanks for all your tips and information. You're very helpful and knowledgeable.

  13. I have been using one of these recently to repair plastic boxes. It works very well

  14. They drill holes in cracks in cosmetic pieces of small aircraft wings too.

  15. John Deere used to mean quality, now they make crap ๐Ÿ™ Still expensive tho

  16. A spiral one would be epic. Good idea! Great idea!!

  17. Great tool,have used it a few times but having trouble controlling how deep to imbed the staple and then hold it steady until it cools enough to pull the iron from the staple.
    Any help ? Open for suggestions

  18. Buy a box of paper clips and make your own.

  19. You dont need to bye them..made them ..bye stainless steel wire 0,8 mm thickness and put them around a screw wired in them around the screw and after them use a plier and streech out them..i can send you a video how you can made them by your self

  20. Awesome video tutorial! Exactly what I needed to know!

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