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How to Fix Startup Repair in Windows 10 | System Reserved

This shows how to fix Startup Repair in Windows 10 when it breaks. This goes over rebuilding the System Reserved Partition. Follow Along Guide:

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Windows 10 Registry Backups Disabled Source: https://www.ghacks.net/2019/06/29/microsoft-explains-the-lack-of-registry-backups-in-windows-10/

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  1. I can't even get any menu.. it just gets stuck in auto-repair at start up.

  2. Hello Chris GREAT VIDEO Can't get to Command Prompt

  3. This is for mbr not for uefi.

  4. Thanks , can you support , resolving the issue with losing mouse and keyboard at login window. After deleting usb drivers accedentally . Dell desktop pc. Oplex SFF.

  5. What I do ifi don't see cmdin startup menu😢

  6. my issue is different i cant even see my boot partition even though i know its there because when i go to notepad than open i can see my boot partition which is labed x: however i dont see that anywhere when i do the list partition command in command promt anyone got advice

  7. I cannot thank you enough. I littlity love you right now. Best video ever. You have saved me so much money thank you

  8. Hey, watching the video 3 years late, anyone knows if this method still works?

  9. First half of the video I got everything to work on cmd.exe, but unfortunately it didn’t fix my computer yet. Now did the windows repair from a flash drive and when I go to change the volume letters, it says the specific drive is not free to be assigned. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

  10. Just got this case, many thanks to master Chris 3 years post this, feels just like yesterday. Try to follow the step, and it fixed without problems. Got the Micr*s*ft help, but hell yes you said there is no clue. You save my 2nd brain stuff, LoL

  11. You just fucked up everything for me , its a good tuto, very clear and easy to follow, but yet you fucked up everything for me , now it's a recovery screen with 0x0000000f code system32driversstorahci.sys

  12. When I get to diskpart list volumes I have 6 volumes, C: is OS do i change this one?

  13. Wont let me past password

  14. There used to be something called a windows boot cd years ago. Is he using that in the second method? If not, can that still be used if windows wont start? I do get all the blue buttons but stuck in the loop.
    And dont you ever need a windows activation anymore for this? I didnt get mine with my mini pc.

  15. Very Informative Video as I need to do this so Bad but 1 Question I can't figure How to go about This Process if My Boot-Loader is on one Drive while My Boot-Manager is on a Different Drive. 🤔
    Thank You 🥴

  16. Could not open the volume root correctly
    Failure when attempting to copy boot files

  17. Chris I have 4 volume and none of them is removable.
    In the "Label" i only see System Reserved and I can't see Windows, any tip?

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