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Leaky Windows – How to fix

In this video Matt diagnoses a set of leaky windows, pulls them apart to show the problem, then gives the solution.

Huge thanks to our sponsors Marvin Windows, DAP, Cosella-Dörken, and Sugatsune for helping to make these videos possible!

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  1. American houses just look so poor quality it amazes me. The roof shingles the sidings everything just smacks of poor build quality, but then again that’s American stuff all over, shite.

  2. Damn. Couldn’t the window have gotten caulked again

  3. In what State is Austin? you know but others don't? when making a video you never assume people know what you are talking about?

  4. Matt: Pop quiz on camera Bill!

  5. Funny since it rain, I have the same problem and the windows was just installed possible two years ago

  6. Obviously Dealing with water isn't a easy task to complete I know what's I talking about bcz I leak detective inspector 🕵‍♂️

  7. To much technical talk and none instructions to seal a window

  8. Matt. This is great . I just subscribed. Have a leaking picture window and need someone in SoCal to help diagnose the problem Wish you or your carpenter friend were around here@!!@!@. Who do i call for help? thx much and happy new year.

  9. We're out here on the lake…

    Okay, just show the solutions.

  10. Matt this is great – do you have any sketches for visual aid?

  11. It’s not a mistake. It’s a moron getting paid top dollar and not giving a crap about anything.

  12. I wish they would explain what flashing, etc… are. They assume a woman knows and can determine who, if anybody, to trust. I just paid someone (2 'handymen' starting out) $50 to caulk and another guy $175 just to drive out to my house to give an estimate of $1200 to pull siding off (with no guarantee that it'll be fixed). Everybody else who replied wanted to sell me full-house replacement siding on a 4 year old house. I won't know if it's fixed either until we have freezing rain again, and spring sprang right after the window leaked.

  13. No clue if you'll see this or answer, but I figure it couldn't hurt to ask.
    My double pane windows are about 38 years old. I'm in a small CA coastal town.. moisture moisture moisture.
    We've recently been having HORRIBLE 70mph winds with down pours. The wind is blowing up against my upstairs south window, and niagra falls is now located here. Water drains into the bedroom : floor, sill, etc.
    I now not only need to replace the window, but the drywall under it, the wood under the carpet (carpet as well)

    I've been told windows are out – can't be delivered for AT LEAST 8 – 12 weeks. Basically, after rainy season is over I can have my windows.

    I need to secure my window.
    Repair the damage.
    Keep the water OUTside.

    I don't trust the contractors in my area much. I feel like they use the fact I don't know what I need to ask for, and sell me things that are not what I need.
    Or in the case of last year, leave me with more repairs than I started.
    Yes, I unfortunately hired a contractor that left things undone, and the job he did was one that will have to be redone.
    Maybe, if I KNOW what to ask for when I call someone else, maybe I will lessen the chances of being hoodwinked.

    I don't know if this is a problem everywhere or just in Central California.
    But we've got a rash of con's, representing themselves as skilled tradesmen. Which they are not.
    They're also making people, like me, head shy (so to speak) when trusting someone to come out. I never know who or what they are, really.

    I wish you were located out here.
    I need some solid advice, IF you're willing to answer.

    We're headed into more rain, and i have absolutely no idea what to do.
    My wall under the window is soft in spots.
    this is for me " sit in the middle of the room with a box of tissue, Lambrusco, and just let the tears fall " feeling.

  14. What??
    Show the completed work though please!

    I'm a visual learner and it would be very helpful to see the finish work 👍🏼
    Great video still. You are well spoken and informative

  15. Common question… "why is the top of my window leaking?" and the answer is nearly always the same… improper layering sequence of the mechanical flashing layers… if you get the shingle layer in the correct sequence… everything else "falls" into place….

  16. Lousy video expect you to understand all their Tech Nicole actions. I'm a newbie spend more time and show a video and explain things better I'm not an expert like you

  17. Man I need someone to fix my windows like this

  18. I am looking for tips on How to repair two double pane windows [west facing in northwest Florida] that leak water during heavy thunder showers. Each window is double pane, sealed, sitting in either a aluminum or vinyl frame; the windows are approximately 12-inches to 18-inches wide and approximately 4-feet to 5-feet long set in a brick wall. I have not taken measurements yet and I think the windows were installed when the house was built in 1984. These windows are solid and were designed to not open.

  19. What is the name of the lake north of Austin, TX. I visited Austin, TX in 2017 and I never heard of this lake.

  20. Good evening Matt. I was watching this video because I have the same issues with our widows. We moved in our new home last year March 2020. We were told all the windows were new. Less then a year latter this is what we’re going through. It rained all day yesterday and I could literally pick up water with my hand. 😭

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