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How To Fix Annoying String Buzz On Your Guitar

There is nothing more annoying than getting string buzz and rattle while you play your guitar. You might immediately think there’s something wrong with your guitar, but in many cases, you can solve the issue with an adjustment to your technique. So in this guitar lesson, we’ll talk about the things you can do to fix the buzz on your guitar. That will include technique adjustments as well as adjustments you can make to your guitar to get rid of buzz and rattle.

Depending on how your guitar is set up, it might be as simple as just tweaking your playing technique a little bit. Make sure you’re coming down right behind the frets and right on your fingertips. If you can eliminate the buzzing by moving your fingers around, you’ll know it’s a technique issue.

If the technique tweaks don’t fix it, then you can look into making some guitar adjustments. The ones we’ll cover in this lesson are dressing frets, replacing the nut, and shimming the saddle. These are things you can learn to do yourself if you’re brave, or you can pay someone and have it done professionally.

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  1. Ready to level up your playing? Get personal coaching tips and structured lessons: enjoy your free 7-day trial to Guitareo!

  2. I have a Martin but no truss hole.. ill have to pay more attention to ehere my fingers are and get Marty to the pros

  3. Does stainless steel frets fix the normal fretwires being a problem over time?

    What about bone nut and saddle?

  4. fret buzz you say? I have 3 frets that sound the exact same note?? second string, the 21-22-23 fret. zero videos on this topic. wow. I dont want to go for high action, you know so what to do now.

  5. I am no exprt, but when i get the buzz. I will strum or pick until I hear it . Then I pull back or push in on the neck untill it goes away then adjust accordingly.

  6. Yey now I know that I don't even have a truss rod. Now I know that it's just my guitar's fault.

  7. thank you my guitar teacher kept making me put my finger in the middle, never behind the fret, and doing so made it buzz so much that i wanted to quit altogether because i thought i was doing something wrong no matter how hard i pushed down, but actually putting my finger behind it has fixed this problem

  8. My guitar requires the might of odin and zeus COMBINED to play a fucking string without buzz…

  9. Thank you!
    I'm an idiot, i was replacing the mechanics, strings, bolts, everything…and i didn't notice that the saddle fell off and under the couch. This is the last time im trying to fix my guitar drunk.

  10. I just watched the video and it magically fixed itself

  11. My nut slots have gotten lower with age🫢

  12. Thanks. Very interesting and nice clear video.
    My problem is I've changed strings and the fret buzz only occurs when playing with a capo (on fret 2 A string buzz). Didn't happen before the change. The strings (theoretically) are the same weight but a different manufacturer. Do they vary much between manufacturer? Or is it more likely a coincidence and have I developed a bad habit recently?
    Needles to say I have just bought a new set of strings from a different manufacturer and will be changing to see what happens when they arrive. Real PITA though.

  13. Wow, thanks for the cool tip, Tom Hanks. I didn't know you played guitar

  14. when i play i have some kind of problem when i play open g string it sounds normal but when i played little bit harder it has like a crackling sound like i would play note wrong even tho im playing it open but it fixes it self in higher position like 12 fret. should i change strings beacause i hear the sound comiing from bridge. it coudnt be that would it guitar is fairly new about 8 yrs old.

  15. My guitar have no truss rod 😢

  16. I have a Fender villager 12 string acoustic guitar only 7 weeks old. I started getting some buzzing and vibration in the past week. I noticed that the 2 high E strings on the first fret were far too close to the fret and It didn't feel as if I was getting enough movement when I pressed down on a chord I did a small adjustment with my Allen key. My truss rod adjusts from the bottom end of my guitar I gave it a very small turn clockwise and the buzzing seems to have gone have I turned it in the correct direction? It seems to have worked anyway whatever I did.
    I didn't really want to touch it in case I upset anything on the guitar I could have taken it back to the guitar store but I need to learn how to do this stuff myself and they did supply an Allen key with it . Don't know why it started doing this in the first place as it's new. I also have a Fender C60-CSE 6 string electro acoustic it is nearly 3 years old and still sounds great never had to adjust anything on it so far thanks for the video 😍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  17. Dangers of marijuana: watching videos of beginner guitar players trying to explain something

  18. Anybody know what kind of guitar he's using here?

  19. Never new Tom Hanks had a channel

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