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How To Bypass Heater Core “Any Car Any Brand”


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hi guys on this video you will learn how to fix a coolant leak coming from the heatercore
but were not gonna replace the heatercore I’m gonna show you how to bypass it incase of and emergency like if you are traveling and this happens on the road.

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  1. Hey sir i bypassed my coolant hoses in throttle body but now im leaking alot of coolant from ac drain . Doni have to bypass heater core to make coolant leak stop from tge ac drain . All my coolant went empty out the dran pipe

  2. Happened to me recently. Soggy floorboards. Smoke coming through ac vents. Scariest thing watching that meter go all the way to H while driving. The shop i went to did this method. Im gonna just leave it. Im in the south..we dont need a heater. Lol

  3. Why there is no water coming out of those 2 open lines from the firewall?

  4. Are all cars the same? One pipe inlet bigger on the Heater core inlet? Are you sure?

  5. Did you lose a lot of coolant while you were replacing the hoses?

  6. That is a good idea. thank you

  7. Bullshit don't work on a BMW

  8. Hello, how are you

    I want to replace a heater core for my Grand Marquis. Do you recommend any specific high quality heater core? And what is the name of the company

  9. Hi I've just watched your video. Please I want to know if my engine will heat if I bypass the heater cor?

  10. Buddy thanks so much for this video!!! It helped me a lot on the road today when one line in my truck was leaking!!! I froze trying to fix it, but was having no luck until I found your video!!! Thank you so much and good luck on the road!

  11. Thank you so much for your information and kindness to reach out to help others!!

  12. I dont know if you still read this, but I want to bypass my 09 F150 , can you just unplug both hoses, and buy a connector , then just use the connector to put the two hoses together instead of having to buy a new hose?

  13. How do you get that clamp off?

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