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Your Goals Aren't Clear Enough | Here's How To Fix That | Build With Rob EP 121

No matter what, you are either creating Chaos or Clarity in life. Choose Wisely.

High performers know the importance of creating goals in life, but many who desire the heights of success don’t practice the level of clarity needed to achieve their largest goals. Instead of bringing clarity and harmony to their future vision of themselves, many people try to do too much and end up bringing Chaos into their lives, or even worse, burn out. In this Episode of Build with Rob, Rob Dyrdek gives clear strategies for managing our expectations in the present and bringing a simple clarity to our goals that will allow us to reach them faster.

00:00 – Intro
3:19 – Welcome to Chaos
6:56 – Goals Are Living
10:42 – You Have to Be Truthful with Yourself
12:18 – Some People Should Quit
14:08 – My Longevity Program

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Til next time… See it, Believe it, Do it!



  1. How clear are your current goals? Are you creating clarity or chaos? What can you do to bring more harmony to your life? I want to know!

  2. Hey thanks Rob, just SUBSCRIBED! Waz uuppp!
    Great advice man, I love doing like 5 projects at one time and not getting one done lol Me as a former addict and super ADHD its hard to not be in chaos. I am 33 and retired from the military so you know, you can get into trouble FAST. I want to to everything from acting to discovering lost cities in the Amazon. Ive achieved all my goals so far, but many I am working on still. I know I can be way more efficient with my time. Its hard when money doesn't drive you, I need to Dave Ramsey my goals…. I need a white board

  3. Rob thanks for sharing that wisdom! It is truly helpful.

  4. I’ve been scared of re-evaluating my goals to make them more clear

  5. So much truth in this 🔥🔥🔥

  6. Thank you Rob for sharing this information. A lot of people with TikTok and Insta are now pushing products and this is truly gold. We need more stories of things didn’t work and what you did to preserve and how to be adaptive. ❤

  7. There are a lack of clarity & mentors to guide us into the relevant field of work in initial stage of career so how should one get clear on goals if its too complex to extract information ?

  8. Damn. Wish you knew how much this hit at a time when it was very much needed. 🙏🏽

  9. If that was really a liver king comment! That was awesome!!!😂🎉

  10. See it , Believe it, Do it

    See = Vision
    Believe = Plan
    Do = Action

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