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How to Fix Annoying Wiper Chatter on Windshield – EASY!

Today we cover why your windshield wipers chatter or skip when in use. A lot of people run into this despite their wipers being new and their windshield being clean. But there is a way to fix it with ease!

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*Disclaimer: Please use all safety precautions



  1. Jerry Seinfeld loved your video. One of the best he’s seen lol. Especially being a car guy. Heard him on The today interview with Jenna Bush. While having coffee.

  2. This worked for me, thanks!

  3. That windshield has a hydrophobic coating applied to it. That compounds the issue with the wiper arm

  4. I need to try this!!

    Thank you, buddy!

  5. Damn! It’s really working bro! Kudos to you

  6. I have been changing my wiper from rubber to silicone back to rubber from expansive to cheap back to expensive wiper. Adding some mixture in the reservoir. Spraying silicone things too. Nothing working. Now got to try this trick. TQ so much for sharing

  7. Thanks for the excellent advice 😊

  8. This is a new information for me. Tried replacing the wiper and used so many antisquaking problem is still there

  9. Redneck garage… Not for me…

  10. No doubt this is the best tutorial for wipers squeaking!.

  11. Thank you, I've lived with a noisy wiper for about 6 months. Fixed it today in ten minutes. Bless you.

  12. This problem has been going on since cars hand wiper blades. But no one has ever explained why or how to fix. So this was good! Thank you!

  13. Thank you, you're amazing! My brand new VW is doing this now I can fix it myself. !

  14. Thank you sir. I took two wrenches & jumped on my audi. Then I realized that all I have to do is just to remove them and put back in correct position . Now it stopped making that terrible noise. Thanks for the tip🎉

  15. Excellent tip and my ears and impatience thanks you!!

  16. This is why youtube exists. Simple solutions.

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