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How To Fix a Slow Mac

Updated video for Nov 2022: https://youtu.be/INpOdKPAM58

https://macmost.com/e-2187 Here are 10 ways you can speed up a slow Mac. There’s no reason to put up with your Mac being slow. Often this is caused by an app or background process using too many resources, the lack of free hard drive space, a failing drive, or many other reasons.

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00:00 Intro
01:05 1. Quit or Uninstall Troublesome Apps
04:10 2. Close Excess Windows and Browser Tabs
05:20 3. Limit the Number of Cloud Services
05:54 4. Finder Icons and Previews
07:10 5. Don’t Shut Down Your Mac
07:56 6. Free Up More Hard Drive Space
09:06 7. Run Disk Utility First Aid
09:53 8. Safe Mode, SMC Reset, NVRAM Reset
10:54 9. Reboot/Upgrade Network Equipment
12:46 10. Get Help At the Genius Bar
13:44 End of the Road

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  1. Thanks, Gary. This one was very helpful.

  2. The number 1 go-to YouTuber about Apple products and specifically iMacs!

  3. Guys if you are having a problem with your mac being slow(beach balling every time you do something)then do what Gary suggested "user groups – login items" get rid of what you don't need. Amazing. Thanks so much.

  4. YES, GARY, YOU WERE RIGHT!!!! My MacBook Pro was running super slow, with the dock icons jumping up and down without launching the apps, or the wheel turning for ever not getting anywhere, or freezing at random for no reason. Apple Tech Support made me do a lot of tests and reinstall the operating system without any improvement. After watching this video I deleted an antivirus I had installed and one of those cleaner apps and now it runs as fast as new.

  5. is that software is macos catline ?

  6. Does log-off allow the Mac to perform overnight maintenance the same way if you just did a sleep-only?

  7. Only 40 tabs open in Chrome? What a lightweight! 😂

  8. Super comprehensive video, covered everything, well organized, and time efficient, thank you!

  9. I have an M2 Macbook Air and it lags while running iMovie…..

  10. This was very helpful. Thank you so much. My mac is already running quicker just be uninstalling a few apps.

  11. ☠BLACK BARON☠8:15 … if the bar "Calculating" does not appear … are you adding all Sums for Documents + Photos + Movies + Files = Total Sum Data Size by yourself? … or do you subtract the remaining data size from the total size of your drive?

  12. I came here because my computer is slower than molasses. I punched it the other day and it rested to the black screen. And surprisingly it worked a little better after that. This computer was 1200 dollars and it runs slower than our 90s computer running windows from the 90s. Also I have a little cheap laptop from Walmart that runs better than this pile of crap. Now your saying I have to go into it and find out the problem? I assumed it would be the best. It was so expensive. I will never buy a Mac again. To much hype. Thing is a giant pile of crap. Honestly I really don’t remember when it was running “good” probably never. So mad. Also I spilled noodlers ink all over my carpet trying to fix the stupid computer. This computer should be running like a god damn god. The one I got for two hundred bucks is running like a god damn champ. No issues

  13. Apple calling themselves genus is just asking for ridicule.

  14. By far the most honest and effective tutorial on this subject.

  15. I’m surprise there’s no mention about adding RAM! I have a 2013 iMac and didn’t realize it’s only on 8gb. Which is Shyte lol 😂 I’m now at 32 and it’s running beautiful! Skiing with All the cleaning yiu recommended thanks 🙏

  16. Yea my browser is slow, but so is opening files or even trying to find files on the device. Opening or editing any program not connected to the Internet. I have one app I’ve ever downloaded. Spotify. There is one item on my desktop. 7 on the bar on the bottom. 3 on the bar at the top. I only use office and work in a CRM. When I say I only use this computer for work, it’s not code for “everything vile the internet has to offer.” I don’t get on social media or even my personal email on it. The only personal thing I’ve done on it is my taxes.
    It has over 900GB/1TB storage AVAILABLE.
    Frankly this computer has been slow since the day I got it and it’s just getting worse, like when I got it it would take only about 30 seconds to open something and not every time and now it takes like 5 minutes nearly every time if it opens at all.
    When I hit command R nothing happened.
    I tried the safe mode thing 6 times and no safe mode option popped up.

  17. Gary is 100% correct. Things like CleanMyMac and MacKeeper are a waste of money. First, Apple would develop and install/offer all of these if they thought it was necessary. Second, you can find each of the utilities offered in the CleanMyMac or MacKeeper package free individually through open source or freeware/donation ware. Actually, all I really do, is just use the Mac built-in disk utility to repair your Mac and keep your Mac OS software up-to-date to combat viruses and for security concerns. I am a 25+ year Mac user. Follow Gary's advice.

  18. don't you think mac os engineers are crazy carb.. Why they i need to use "fn+delete" to delete text and to delete folder i need to use different key again i.e. " option+delete" do you think it is handy… also i cannot zoom out any thing in mac window or finder also cannot zoom out any web page so that i can fit everthing that i want to c at a time while looking into one file and typing into another form… also can't zoom in any file or attachment inside the messenger or whatsapp for just viewing i need to download and view it that is not handy either. It seems doing multi taksing is really not as easy in mac as in windows… it becomes verymuch necessary to carry mouse to speed up a little… also why simply command+x doesnt cut anyting inside mac..it works only for text not for folder and files to do cut paste i need put my burger down and with the dirty hand i need to press "option" key and do the paste with other hand?????

  19. bro i have 1 tab open on chrome and no other apps and it's still running like a potato is powering it 💀

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