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How to Fix Automatic Repair Loop in Windows 10 – Startup Repair Couldn’t Repair Your PC

This video shows how to fix startup error with automatic repair loop in Windows10.
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This video shows how you can fix startup error with automatic repair loop in Windows10.
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In this tutorial I will be showing you a number of ways to fix Windows 10 startup problems either in the form of Automatic Repair Loop, Your PC did not start correctly, infinite booting or some other similar start-up problems you might be experiencing with Windows 10. This could happen after Windows has installed certain updates that it finds incompatible with the software distribution or after you make certain changes to your system settings or certain applications you have installed on your PC. If you’re able to figure out the event that led to this problem, then you wouldn’t need to try all fixes, you could simply pick the method that is more likely to solve your problem and implement it.

Method 1: Use the suggested restart option
Method 2: Using the start-up repair tool.
Method 3: Use the registry backup command called regback. This command replaces your registry configuration with the last known good configuration you have on your PC, so basically changing your registry configuration to the configuration of your most recent successful bootup.

If all fixes fail, then you can consider running a system restore, for that you will need to make a bootable USB with Windows 10 installation files, I have included that in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5Nm1OE5ciU.

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  2. My c directory is not showing it is showing me file not found

  3. It said I already have a copy does anyone know what the next step is?

  4. dont know how to use the cmd trouble shooter to fix the boot issue

  5. Not working at all … tried the Command solution but it says that cant copy any files

  6. It says the system cannot find the file specified. 0 files copy. Can anyone help?

  7. Nothing worked it said it said 0 files

  8. It didn't help me because there is no file copied in regback 😭 any other solution please 😭

  9. It says the system cannot find the path specified

  10. Brooooo!!!! You're a lifesaver!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

  11. Ďakujem veľmi pekne, neskutočne ste mi pomohli. Ďakujem

  12. This is the only helpful video from the YouTube that solves my pc problem. Thank you

  13. Typed windowssystem32config
    And I get β€œThe system cannot find the path specified

  14. I'm having this problem and I've tried basically everything but the problem is I can't log into my account. It shows my email associated and says to put in a password. I used every possible password and they're all wrong. I changed my password on a different device and it was still wrong. So I can't try to fix a specific account like said in the video. What do I do?

  15. If my windows is 64 bit then can i replece the command? Whcih is " cd windowssystem32config.

  16. After putting CD windowssystem32config they say the path cannot be found πŸ™„

  17. 5:02 For my case, after pressing Enter it says: "The system cannot find the path specified" what do i do now???

  18. It’s working
    Thanks for sharing

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