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How to Fix Broken Headphone Cables

Like us and have a pile of broken earbuds and headphones? Learn the easy way to fix your broken headphone cable. You can go fancy connector-wise, but a simple Radioshack “1/8″ Stereo Phone Plug” will do the trick.

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  1. Some great tips there, thanks guys.
    But I do wish Americans would learn how to pronounce the word solder. its S O L D E R, not sodder

  2. Green is not that common for the center pin. Usually it's red to center pin.

  3. always when i remove the insulation and then burn off the individual strands- the solder will still not stick to the tiny strands. I tried nearly everything there is. Other cables are easiest thing to solder. Audio/Headphone cables are always a huge pain in the ass- the strands literally repell the solder.

  4. ryan reynolds before deadpool

  5. Bingo, tried to fix my Sennheisers by just replacing the bad end that plugs into the headphone with another one from a previous cable that also had one go bad. I tried just twisting the bare wires together to see if that would work and was surprised when no sound came out at all. I didn't realize they had a coating on them, just assumed the color was anodized.

    Now I got it working just like new, thanks for saving me $20.

  6. Nah! Too messy. I had my ear moved to the other side of my head when the one speaker packed up.

  7. Ooo damn. Notice when they where talking about the enamel coding and he pulled out his lighter said you can just ..lighter lit . He starts laughing alot some reason probly inside joke. Dude looks at him laughing with wires and a flame doesn't have a clue what is so funny backs up instantly like something wrong with this dude. Dude seriously had a look of concern on his face.

  8. Watching this on wiggly one sided headphones after I Hulk smashed my Audiotechnicas. Instant sub.

  9. Excellent vid, the first one I found on the subject that actually tells you which wires go to which terminal on the jack!

  10. What gauge wire is that? 38 AWG Magnet Wire?


  12. I burned the wires and cleaned them but solder doesn't stick to the wires. Any advice?

  13. Y'all still have a RadioShack?

  14. well i dont have any resources to do this but happy to get the info

  15. Does anyone know if you can replace a two ringed headphone plug with one that has three rings?

  16. Go through a pair of headphones every month? Wtf are you doing with them? 😂

  17. Great video, Music bed unneeded. Thank you, Joe

  18. In case anyone wondered, the big one is the ground and for the brown cable(there could be 2 brown cables for mic ones), where do i connect the red, blue and green ones?, well there are 3 smaller pins, left one for blue, middle one for green (microphone) and right one for the red cable.

  19. Love this, love the vibes. Thanks for the simple instructions. Subbed!

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